Screw vacuum pump equipment is not the cause of the oil absorption _

by:J&T     2020-05-18

many of the common faults in the screw vacuum pump, the machine can't oil absorption is one of the most difficult problem. If unable to absorb the oil, the machine will not work. Let's discuss about the machine in detail. The essence of screw vacuum water pump equipment can't absorb the oil.

a common faults, screw vacuum water pump:

1, because of the danger of dirt in the pipeline, it is blocked or leakage.

2, vacuuming length-width ratio is beyond the scope of the vacuum pump allows vacuuming blocks.

3, associated with this component, that is to say, the motor has shifted.

4, the oil viscosity is too big.

2, screw vacuum pump to remove methods:

1, preheating of oil and reduce viscosity.

2, vacuum water pump maintenance: screw vacuum pump shaft power has been greatly expanded.

3, change the rotation of the motor, make it the same as the pump.

4, check the leakage part of straw, find the problem, then change the flange gasket and blocking sand holes.

5, to reduce the pump installation aspect ratio, and keep it within the aspect ratio. Don't be too high or too low.

screw vacuum pump can remove the water vapor and a small amount of soot in the steam. Market is applied in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical plant, semiconductor materials, such as clean level, and it is necessary to solve such as machinery and equipment of oil absorption of a number of problems. Only after the treatment, known as symptomatic treatment.

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