Screw vacuum pump and claw type vacuum pump _ _ how difference between screw vacuum pump

by:J&T     2020-05-20

screw vacuum pump and claw type dry vacuum pump, vacuum pump but differ as a result they work, they also can produce different structural differences. In order to obtain the lowest possible pressure, two pumps are divided into 4 level, but the claw type pump level by level between the baffle plate, screw vacuum pump, which is formed by screw cross separation between formation stage, so there are big differences between the two phases.

a, use a different process

1, screw vacuum pump gas channel short, gas transfer between the constant at all levels, is advantageous to the gas from the pump discharge quickly, from the eduction in solid objects.

thanks to cascade clapboard, gas long and curved, and gas easy condensation and blocking the passage.

2, screw vacuum pump in the pump body and rotor as monomer, easy anticorrosive processing.

the steps of the claw pump plate is almost impossible for surface treatment, anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the rotor in the assembly process is also easy to damage.

two, differences in reliability using the

1. Claw type vacuum water pump have level clapboard, the rotor and the pump shaft can't integration, rotor is installed on the shaft. For ease of installation and removal, cooperate with not too tight, so prone to rolling after operation keys and loose rotor. Phenomenon.

screw vacuum water pump shaft and rotor completely casting forming, no assembly problem.

2。 Claw type vacuum pump has a lot of clearance, each clearance is independent. When there is a problem in any gaps, the pump can't work normally.

screw vacuum pump by exhaust gaps between the client and the rotor to determine the working performance, and the clearance between the rotor and rotor is connected, and the operating reliability is very high.

3, the difference of maintainability

1. Remove the

claw type pump disassembly difficulty: because of using multilevel structure, all disassembly is multistage decomposition, remove the rotor is a real difficulty, each time you remove will have different degrees of lower precision. Even the simple cleaning must be disassembled and reassembled.

screw vacuum pump is easy to remove, remove the screw pump bearings can only need to remove the rear cover from the front end rotor, it is very simple. If it is only used to clean and remove the need to put back the rotor pump body after cleaning, without any adjustments.

2。 installation

claw component hard: when installing a claw pump, four rotor should be controlled rotor end face eight gap, and eight rotor clearance between rotor and rotor. If gap adjustment is not good, it must be readjusted. On the shaft, the rotor must be hit, it's easy to damage the parts.

screw vacuum pump is easy to assemble: screw pump assembly, just need to control the screw exhaust end face and the clearance between the exhaust wall, and the screw concave clearance, only need to adjust the simple two blank.

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