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by:J&T     2020-05-18

with screw pumps for composition unit, roots pump and backing pump pump speed ratio is very important. Because of the roots pump compression ratio is very limited. The compression ratio determines the level before the pump capacity, because the compression ratio is inversely proportional to the pumping speed. Compression ratio to choose between 2 ~ 10. In addition, the requirements should be considered early exit.

vacuum equipment as auxiliary equipment used in all kinds of mechanical equipment. If the time in the normal operation is much better than pre pump time, you can choose the smaller pump ( Compression ratio can be more) 。 If the vacuum sealing is bigger, and soon was pumping, pumping will use the bigger. Sometimes, in order to give full play to the efficiency of the equipment, in front of the unit to install a larger pre pump, in normal operation to stop, use a small booster pump to save power.

choosing backing water pump, also need to consider roots vacuum unit limit pressure requirements. To the requirement of high ultimate vacuum ( Top 1 x 10 - 3 ~ 1 x 10 - 2 mpa pressure) In general, choose double rotary vane seal mechanical pump or double-stage slide yan mechanical pump as the backing pump. Ultimate vacuum requirement in ( 1× 10- 2Pa ~ 1× 10- 1Pa) Can choose between a single stage oil seal mechanical pump as a booster pump, in 133 - ultimate vacuum requirements 1333 Pa can choose between reciprocating vacuum pump or liquid ring vacuum pump as a booster pump.

when selecting reciprocating or liquid ring type coarse vacuum pump as the roots vacuum pump as the backing pump, the pump before the pump speed 1/2 - general for roots vacuum pump 1/4, cannot too much, otherwise the compression ratio is too big, cause the roots vacuum pump exhaust temperature is high, can't work normally. Whether also need to consider whether the pumping gas containing corrosive medium, and whether it contains a lot or trace amounts of condensable gases.

if containing corrosive gas, can not choose oil seal mechanical pump. Oil seal mechanical water pump is not suitable for removing contains a lot of gas condensate steam, or sealing liquid will quickly emulsification. Remove containing trace gas condensing steam, also need to choose oil seal mechanical pump with gas ballast devices as booster pump.

in order to lower the inlet pressure ( 1 - 100 mpa) Obtain high pumping speed, can use the roots vacuum pump as a level 3 or level 4 units, and the other of backing pump roots vacuum pump. At this point, the roots vacuum pump pump speed ratio between generally between 2 and 5.

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