Screw pump working principle is what

by:J&T     2020-06-26
Screw pump with single screw pump, double screw pump and three screw pump, screw pump pressure big, commonly used in silt transport, liquid high consistency condition. Screw pump belongs to the rotor pump type, its working principle is what? Types of the rotor pump gear pump, screw pump, vane pump, flexible impeller pump, roots pump and rotary piston pump, etc. The gear pump and anhui gold screw pump is a common rotor pump. Rotor pump is composed of the stillness of the pump casing and rotation of the rotor, it has no suction valve and discharge valve, by the rotor side of the contact with the liquid in the pump body to energy in the form of static pressure acting on the liquid directly, and the extrusion of the rotating rotor discharging liquid, white space at the same time, on the other side and low pressure formation, causes the liquid continuous inhalation. Rotor water pump pressure head is higher, the flow is usually small, uniform drainage, suitable for transporting high viscosity, lubricity, but not a liquid containing solid particles.
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