Screw pump performance advantage in where?

by:J&T     2020-06-18
The use of screw water pump in chemical fluid assignments, including can deal with all kinds of flow, pressure, liquid type and viscosity, and even if there is back pressure can also be uniform velocity stability, etc. The design of screw pump can handle all kinds of fluid, even in high viscosity fluid. Screw pump operation mode is convenient are reverse screw meshing, and the pump shell surrounding the form a sealed chamber. As the drive screw rotation, regardless of pump pressure, fluid start stable and continuously to the discharge port of the pump movement, produce a consistent volume flow rate. Screw pump technology for application of chemical fluid transport brings a lot of advantages, including: 1, able to handle a variety of types and viscosity, flow, pressure, liquid volume and the overall operating efficiency is high, reduce the operating costs. 2, flow stability, even different back pressure caused by the viscosity changes. 3, by controlling the output or capacity, high pump speed ratios internal speed is low, self-priming operation and good suction characteristic. 4, smooth and quiet running of the inherent characteristics of low mechanical vibration, prolong the service life. 5, pulsation is extremely low, reduces stress and prolong the relevant fluid conveying parts ( Pipe, hose, seals, bearings, etc. ) In particular, the life of a screw pump model performance in chemical fluid transport activities: double screw with timing gear ( WTG) and three screw pump; Equipped with external bearing and timing gear transmission mechanism, can form double suction, imbibition, items within the pump will not produce metal to metal contact. This design will help the pump to achieve high flow velocity, no matter what is the rotary pump, even reverse pressure and viscosity change, too. In fact, unlike centrifugal pump, screw pump's actual velocity will increase with the increase of fluid viscosity. This design and make the screw pump features applicable to all types of transport operations, including low viscosity, high viscosity, lubrication or no lubrication, neutral or corrosive fluid, cleaning and pollution. In chemical process, the purchase cost of screw pump is likely to be higher than that of centrifugal pump, in addition to the cost, the main operation advantages of screw pump can also include at a higher speed and pressure processing window wider viscosity fluid, low energy consumption, these advantages make the screw water pump can give key chemical process of fluid conveying process more efficient, reliable, and economic characteristics, wide adaptability.
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