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by:J&T     2020-05-14

heat pump is widely used in small precision mold temperature machine, medical sterilization, small hot oil furnace, boiler hydrating, testing equipment, constant temperature tank, etc. Do not contain particles or fiber liquid ( Water, heat conduction oil, etc. ) 。 Heat pump has save installation space, elegant appearance, high strength, cooperate with precise, high temperature resistant, the characteristics of stable running.

in order to effectively guarantee the working efficiency of the heat pump, enhancing the service life of equipment, we need to pay attention to the following directions:

1, if you don't use for a long time, please place the heat pump in a dry, clean and no corrosive gas environment.

2, lubrication equipment on a regular basis. Heat pump high-speed, volatile oil. Therefore, the bearing lubrication must be kept clean, and must be replaced.

3, preventive maintenance, heat water pump. Maintenance includes: internal wiring, plugs, and switches are in good condition, whether the insulation resistance is normal, brush the tailstock is loose, are in good condition and the armature commutator and brush contact through the stator winding expansion? Whether to have the appropriate interrupt, bearing and rotating parts for damage, etc.

4, pay attention to high temperature insulation resistance of the pump. For a long time not to use or electric pump used in damp environment, must use the instrument before use 500 v megohm measurement winding insulation resistance. If the insulation resistance between the winding and the motor shell is less than 7 megohm, it must be dry and winding.

5, save each parts and replace the same parts. Remove the gear oil pump, should hold each parts. Pay special attention to surface of fire prevention, fire prevention, including insulation gasket and the sleeve parts damage. If damaged, it must be with the same new parts replacement, shall not be used below the performance or raw materials do not conform to the specifications of the original parts of alternative materials. In the process of assembly, all components shall be installed in the original position, and should not be omitted.

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