Sausage product packaging - the application of the central vacuum system

by:J&T     2020-05-15
The central vacuum system application in sausage product packaging

vacuum pump and vacuum system is equipped with central vacuum supply system, used in food packaging industry's four packing line. The central vacuum system application in the sausage product packaging has the following advantages: saving energy, system running in the process of vacuum supply and maintenance is very stable and reliable. Food packaging industry using the central vacuum system to improve the machining efficiency and reduce energy consumption. In view of the above content, this article focuses on the advantages of the central vacuum system and why do you choose it to sausage packaging products.

central vacuum system has the following advantages:

1. Intelligent electronic control system, energy saving, avoid the waste electricity.

2。 Low noise, less pollution, reduce noise factory.

3。 Easy to govern, safe and reliable.

4。 Save cost, save maintenance cost.

5。 Keep the work site neat, clean, beautiful.

all sausage products are made and easy to use gas packaging ( 地图) 。 Gas packaging as a food packaging technology, with carbamate resistance of packaging materials to packaging food. According to the actual needs of customers, will be a percentage of O2 + N2 + CO2, N2 + CO2, O2 and CO2 gas mixture filling into the packaging, in order to prevent the food quality of physics, chemistry, biology and so on down or slow the progress of the decline in the quality, so as to extend the shelf life of food and increase the value of the food. Used to fit the packaging in the air of the vacuum is generated by the central vacuum system. Before packed in protective gas filling, the vacuum degree necessary for the it will provide all the packing line. Through this central vacuum supply, sausage products can get the best economic benefit and efficiency.

sausage product packaging is composed of four use protective gas production line packaging process, each production lines are equipped with tray sealing packing machine. Initially, each packing machine independent installed rotary-vane vacuum pump, the pump directly is located in the upper of each packing machine. According to our company, the goal is to prevent waste heat into the processing and packing chamber of vacuum pump.

the system is composed of four rotary-vane vacuum pump. They are connected to the vacuum tank, and be able to maintain a constant 150 mbar vacuum. As many as three in four vacuum pump, need a job, the last one is still in standby mode. Even under full load condition, the system also USES only three vacuum pump, which used to be four, which is equivalent to a year to save a lot of power. Vacuum system according to the need to run, that is to say, rotary vane vacuum water pump is the need to work according to the actual operation of the vacuum pump.

the central vacuum system application in the sausage product packaging can ensure in the shortest possible time to complete vacuum, and accelerate the production cycle of packaging process. At the same time, can realize operation during maintenance operations. Maintenance personnel do not need to enter health sensitive area. The engineering room on the floor is enough. It is important that the import of vacuum system can satisfy the security requirements of the highest, even if the oxygen concentration increased, and can be safely to be removed, thus greatly improving the energy saving effect.

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