Rotary vane vacuum pump used in the vacuum deaerator _

by:J&T     2020-07-02

rotary vane vacuum pumps for vacuum degassing under low temperature, do not need to steam consumption, thus the boiler steam used in the production, save a lot of energy. Wide range of feed temperature, when steam sharp fluctuations, will not affect DNA. Effect, stable water supply can be used to improve the feed temperature without heating equipment. One-time investment is less, less maintenance. Rotary vane vacuum pump application in the vacuum degasser has better deoxidization effect, and is much lower than the national standard.

the combination of vacuum deaerator is what?

vacuum degasser is a kind of water boiling under vacuum and removing water containing oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases. It is composed of oxygen water knockout ( Deaeration tower) And rotary vane vacuum pump. Water tank can be installed in the high position and low position, vacuum pump unit can be steam of steam jet water pump or water circulating water as working medium water jet pump.

why need oxygen in the process of boiler feed water treatment?

in fact, oxygen is very key part in the process of boiler feed water treatment. Oxygen is the main corrosive substances in the water system and boiler. Should be quick removal of oxygen in the water. Otherwise you will corrode water system and boiler components. Corrosion products iron oxide will go into the pot, deposit or adhesion on the boiler tube wall and heated. On the surface, the formation of insoluble and poor thermal conductivity of iron scale, and lead to pipe wall corrosion pits, and the drag coefficient increases. When the serious corrosion, and even pipe explosion may occur. Vacuum deaeration is the best choice.

the working principle of vacuum degassing is in an airtight container, any gas exists in the surface of the water at the same time, the solubility of a gas with its own points is directly proportional to the pressure, the solubility of a gas is only associated with it. The partial pressure of their own. Under certain pressure, with increasing temperature, water vapor partial pressure increases, air and oxygen partial pressure is becoming more and more small. At 100 ℃, oxygen partial pressure drop to zero, the water dissolved oxygen also dropped to zero. When the water pressure is less than atmospheric pressure, oxygen solubility at low water temperature can reach zero. In this way, the oxygen molecules in the surface of the water is expelled or converted to other gases, oxygen partial pressure is zero, and the continuous evolution of oxygen in water to achieve the effect of oxygen.

the oxygen removal methods are usually carried out under the temperature of 30 ℃ and 60 ℃. It can at low temperature ( 60 ℃ or room temperature) Achieve the degassing of water. For boiler and load fluctuation is bigger and poor thermal release gas steam boiler, you can use the rotary vane vacuum pumps to obtain satisfactory effect of oxygen. Compared with thermal degassing technology: it is heating conditions are very low, boiler steam consumption is reduced, can be placed low vacuum degasser. Operation and management of key equipment ( Such as the jet pump and pressure pump) The requirements of not only heat. Oxygen is more efficient. Low also needs certain height difference, injection water pump and the pressure pump and other key equipment running management requirements are very high.

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