Rotary vane vacuum pump used in the industries of milk production _

by:J&T     2020-07-02

rotary vane vacuum pump application in milk production. Is a cow - milk production process Grazing - Physiological factors - Extrusion - Milk production - Filter - Instant sterilization - Adding additives - Fill - The outer packing - Advertising - List. Milk is the heaven of microbial activity. According to the test, the fresh milk is not processed at room temperature. After 12 hours, the microbial content can be up to 114000 per milliliter milk, and within 24 hours will be increased to 1. 3 million per milliliter. This is why milk is easy to corruption. As a result, the sterilization of milk and fresh technology is very important.

then, we analyzed the rotary vane vacuum pump application in milk sterilization and preservation process.

it is milk sterilization

in the process of production, first of all the fresh milk in the milk cans and rapid cooling to inhibit the growth of microorganisms and prolong the milk antibacterial duration. Cooling milk need to factories for processing. That is to say, by filtering, cleaning, cooling, homogenizing, sterilizing and packaging, it become the drink of sterilized milk every day. Sterilization is one of the important process of production of sterilized milk. At present, the rotary vane vacuum water pump is used for cooling, cooling purpose is to prevent residual spore reproduction and maintain the quality of milk. In addition, you can achieve the goal of disinfection.

milk sterilization must be strictly control the temperature and time. Otherwise, it will not achieve the purpose of disinfection, also can destroy the nutrition of milk. This is because: first, boiling for a long time can make the protein in milk from sol to gel state, resulting in a large number of protein coagulation and precipitation. Second, by combining the calcium in milk casein with electrostatic way. Calcium absorption and digestion can casein, compared with the milk after disinfection, long time boiling milk decreased about 20%, calcium became difficult to digest and absorb by human body calcium salt. Body; Lactose decomposition decomposition, low nutritional value; The fourth is to destroy A variety of vitamins, including vitamin A. Sterilized milk directly, in principle, so eat, do not need to boil. If you need preheating, just put the cow bag in 50 ~ 60 ° C ° C hot water for a period of time, you can.

2. Save the sterilized milk

sterilized milk is not easy to store at room temperature. Milk is the most afraid of the sun. In the sun, milk contains vitamin A, carotene, vitamin B1 and vitamin B12 can be destroyed, so it's best to stay away from the light. According to the test, the milk cooling to 13 ℃ and can be stored for 12 hours. , therefore, not for drinking bag of sterilized milk can be put in the refrigerator freezer, instead of in the fridge. Because milk is frozen and then heating, fat and protein separation, coagulation and precipitation happens. At this time, the oil will float, change the taste of milk, nutritional value and reduces. If you buy milk of independent professionals, it is better to drink again after boiling and disinfecting. Continue to save is not recommended. If you want to save it, you can use a small container seal it, but should not be too long.

rotary vane vacuum pump application in the milk production advantage lies in the rotary vane vacuum pumps, that is, from milk extrusion to the production, storage, transportation and sales, is under low temperature conditions. And shelf life up to 7 days. 。 One of its characteristics is 'fresh' : from the milk extrusion product filling in 8 hours to complete, advanced scientific production process, well-preserved, nutrients nutrition indicators are all higher than that of ordinary milk bags.

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