Rotary vane vacuum pump replacement oil pump time how to grasp the _

by:J&T     2020-07-02

rotary vane vacuum water pump is small in size, compact structure, good liquidity, very convenient. Rotary vane vacuum pumps often encountered in the use of vacuum pump pumping time changes during the period of problem. Today, small make up will give you a detailed answer.

during the use of vacuum pump oil, some oil due to oxidation, emulsification and various impurities and degradation. When the metamorphic components and impurities above a certain degree, the color of the oil change, viscosity and acid value increase. Precipitation insoluble resin material, so the vapor pressure of the vacuum pump oil increase and performance degradation. At this point, the oil pump can no longer use, must replace oil pump.

in order to prevent dust and traction in pump oil material with water pump oil into the pump chamber. For some process, should provide continuous filtration during pump operation. Dust and impurities and pollution at the bottom of the oil into the pot, and then through the return line into the auxiliary tank, separation and precipitation. Emulsified oil, water, dust and impurities into the auxiliary tank bottom, and by the discharge valve discharge on a regular basis. Relatively clean oil and then through the Settings in the upper part of the auxiliary fuel tank filter, then through into the tubing into the oil separation chamber, in order to supply the end cover and pump chamber.

filter inside the filter element in oil by block mechanical pollutants, purify the oil pump. Pressure gauge usually connection on the filter, whether to display the filter clogging. When the pressure increases, the oil will not flow properly. If the filter clogging, should replace or clean the filter.

rotary vane vacuum pumps usually weekly check the oil quantity. Oil change interval depends on the working conditions. Usually, when because of the poor lubrication oil, oil decomposition or too pollutants and lead to an increase in pump pressure limit, and need to replace oil.

when the exhaust valve discharge from pumping medium and oil through a separate exhaust cover, part of gas and steam discharge from the vent, valve and water pump interlock, that is, when the pump is running, the valve is activated. Oil channel mouth closed. Channel closed when the pump stops, the valve oil, gas mouth open, the atmosphere from the inlet port, through the oil inlet air into the pump chamber, the vacuum pump cavity, the pump oil into the pump chamber.

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