Rotary vane vacuum pump failure to solve method

by:J&T     2020-07-02

if the rotary-vane vacuum pump operation is not normal, often appear problem, such as rotary vane vacuum pump vacuum degree decline, fuel injection, smoke, oil seal leakage, noise, etc. , in the water pump and vacuum pump oil emulsification etc. If that happens, first of all, don't worry, according to the fault one by one, waiting for stop the scanning in the future. Here are some of the solution.

1。 Rotary vane vacuum pump oil and fuel injection: this means that the rotary-vane vacuum pump are at work in the vent oil absorption or injection.

1, smoking, if the pump had just begun to work, have a smoke, returned to normal, if smoking is not normal for a long time. How to deal with: smoke said repair pump inlet outlets of pipes, valves and container. Smoking will leak detection process in the future, will end. Vortex flow meter

2, fuel injection, shows that inlet outlets have a lot of leakage points, even the air inlet is exposed to the atmosphere. How to deal with: seal the air inlet of the pump, the pump work, if there is no oil injection, clarify the leakage point; Exhaust valve damage, check whether the exhaust valve piece is damaged, replacement of damaged exhaust valve.

2。 The noise of the rotary-vane vacuum water pump are: here refers to the noise of the pump.

1。 When the cylinder when it is struck, the irregular noise pump, like the voice of the metallic metal. This was the voice of the rotor impacted the pump body. This situation is mainly caused by the matching between the rotating plate tension spring break, could be the result of a contraction or pop-up fault. Methods: reverse pump, see whether helical spring damage. Replace the spring.

2, exhaust valve slice noises, first is the pump exhaust valve damage. How to deal with: replacing exhaust valve.

3。 Rotary-vane vacuum pump vacuum decline: refers to the current measured rotary vane vacuum pump vacuum degree of vacuum degree is lower than the factory target or before using. There are many reasons for low vacuum degree. Here are some basic conditions.

1。 The add of rotary-vane vacuum pump oil mark is different from the original. Vacuum pump oil in different brands have different results, because of different brand of oil vapor pressure difference. Processing: according to the standard of model change correct the new vacuum pump oil.

2。 Another reason is that the vacuum degree of vacuum pump oil, low, namely vacuum pump oil was emulsified and decoloring, and probably too dirty. Processing: all of the vacuum pump oil drain pump, the replacement of the same type vacuum pump oil, and process the inside the pump pumping gas into water vapor and impurities.

3。 Pumping gas temperature may be too high. Processing method: reduce pumping gas temperature or increase the corresponding heat exchanger.

4。 the oil way may not be smooth, and a certain amount of oil is not retained in the pump chamber. Processing: check whether the oil is flowing, and add the same type of vacuum pump oil.

5。 To coordinate the gap should be expanded. This is because the long time of pumping gas rich in dust, etc. Lead to wear and tear after clearance between rotor and stator. How to deal with: check whether the gap is too big, and replace the new parts.

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