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by:J&T     2020-07-02
Matters needing attention in operation of the rotary-vane vacuum pump

rotary vane vacuum pump rotor eccentric at a certain distance is installed in the pump shell, and close to the pump shell on the surface of the fixed surface. Two ( Or more) Rotary vane is installed in the rotor slot. When the rotor rotates, rotary vane can be sliding back and forth along the radial slot, and always in contact with the pump casing wall. Rotary vane with rotor rotation, the vacuum pump chamber into several variable displacement. Operation of the rotary-vane vacuum pump are pay attention to the following:

1, check the oil level, stop the pump oil to oil the center is advisable. Low oil seal can not be on the exhaust valve, vacuum degree. If too high, in the atmosphere will cause the fuel injection start. In the process of operation, the oil level has increased, this is normal phenomenon. Oil should be specified brand clean vacuum pump oil from oil hole to join. After filling, should tighten the screw. Oil should be filtered, to avoid foreign body into the block oil hole.

2。 Can be in any atmospheric pressure or vacuum water pump start next time. If the solenoid valve installed in the pump port, should with the pump running at the same time.

3。 When the environment temperature is too high, the oil temperature to rise, will reduce the viscosity, saturation vapour pressure to rise, this will lead to ultimate vacuum is reduced, especially the thermocouple measured full pressure. If strengthen the ventilation and heat dissipation or improve the performance of oil pump limit vacuum can be improved.

4。 Should be checked according to the compression mercury vacuum gauge limiting vacuum of vacuum pump. If the pressure gauge after full pre-test, pump temperature reach stable level, the port of the pump directly connected to the pressure gauge, and in running 30 minutes to reach the limit of vacuum. Total pressure gauge measuring the value of the related to pump oil, vacuum gauge, and adjust the error. Error sometimes can be very big, can only be used for reference.

5。 If the relative humidity is higher, or pumping gas contains more condensable vapor, after the connection pump container, should be in the mobile after 20 ~ 40 minutes, open the air pressure valve, close the air pressure valve. Stop before the pump, can open the pneumatic valve no-load running 30 minutes, in order to prolong the service life of oil pump.

rotary-vane vacuum pump fault handling

if the rotary-vane vacuum pump operation is not normal, often appear fault, such as rotary vane vacuum water pump vacuum degree decline, fuel injection, smoke, oil seal leakage, noise, etc. And vacuum pump oil emulsion in the pump, etc. In this case, first of all, don't panic, shutdown to eliminate them one by one. Here are a few troubleshooting methods.

a smoke, rotary vane vacuum pump and oil: refers to the operation of the smoke from the rotary vane vacuum pump outlet or injection.

failure 1, smoking. Start pump running to see if there are smoke, this is normal. Smoking is not normal for a long time.

elimination method: smoking said pump inlet outlets of pipe, valves, and the situation of the container needs to be repaired is mainly caused by a gas leak. After inspection and handling leakage, the smoke will disappear.

2, fuel injection, shows that inlet outlets have a lot of leakage points, even the air intake is exposed to the atmosphere.

elimination method: seal the air inlet of the pump, the pump running. If there is no injection oil, there is a leak. Exhaust valve damage, check whether the exhaust valve piece is damaged, and replace the new one.

2。 The noise of the rotary vane vacuum pump: here refers to the noise of the pump. 1

malfunction. Tapping on the cylinder. Rotary vane pump operation, irregular sound, almost like a voice of metallic metal. This is the voice of a rotor pump body impact. This kind of situation is by paired rotary plate spring fracture or fault caused by shrinkage or pop-up.

elimination method: remove the pump body, check whether the helical spring is damaged. Replace the spring.

2, exhaust valve failure noises, mainly is the water pump exhaust valve damage.

elimination method: replacing good exhaust valve.

3。 Rotary-vane vacuum pump vacuum decline: refers to the current measured rotary-vane vacuum pump or before using the vacuum degree of vacuum degree is lower than the factory indicators. There are many reasons for low vacuum degree. Here are some main conditions.

failure 1, the vacuum pump oil brand and the original is not the same. Different type of vacuum pump oil, due to the saturation vapor pressure is different, the result will be different.

elimination method: according to the product's type to choose the correct vacuum pump oil.

failure 2, gas is pumped to the water vapor and impurity content is high vacuum pump oil emulsification in color or too dirty.

elimination method: put the vacuum pump oil inside the pump, the same type of oil pump, and set the filter to ensure is pumped gas water vapor and impurity entering the pump.

failure 3, is pumped gas temperature may be too high.

elimination method: reduce the smoke gas temperature, or add a corresponding heat exchanger.

fault 4, inside the pump oil impassability, or not smooth, no keep a certain amount of oil pump cavity.

elimination method: check the oil was clear, and add the same type of vacuum pump oil.

items within the fault 5, cooperate with the gap bigger. It's long been pumping gas containing dust, etc. , caused by rotary vane wear after the clearance between stator and increase.

elimination method: check to see if the gap is too big, change the new parts.

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