Rotary vane vacuum pump device _ in the fine chemical industry

by:J&T     2020-05-24

today, fine chemical industry has become one of the strategic focus of the world chemical industry development, is one of the chemical industry the focus of the competition. Vacuum technology is widely used in fine chemical production, and need many process in vacuum condition, such as vacuum filter, vacuum evaporation, vacuum distillation, vacuum impregnation, vacuum drying, etc. Vacuum pump is a kind of can in a specific space extraction to obtain a vacuum device. In practice, the vacuum pressure range is very wide, usually in 1 x 105 and 1. 33×10- 13 between Pa. Therefore, it is necessary to use a variety of extraction principle, and use the structure and the pumping speed of different vacuum pump. Here only describes the rotary vane vacuum pumps are the most common application in fine chemicals.

fine chemical products include the following 11 product category

1. Insecticides. 2. Dye; 3. Paint ( Including paint and ink) ; 4. Pigment; 5. High purity reagent; 6. Information chemicals ( Include photosensitive materials, magnetic materials, such as acceptable waves of chemicals) ; 7. Food and feed additives; 8. Adhesive; 9. Catalyst and a variety of additives; 10. Production of chemicals (chemical system API) ; 11. In the polymer functional polymer materials ( Including feature film, polarizing material, etc. ) 。

rotary vane vacuum pump ( Rotary vane pump) Is a kind of mechanical vacuum pump oil seal type, working pressure range of 1. 01×105〜1. 33×10- 2Pa。 Rotary vane pump is low vacuum pump, mainly small and medium-sized pump. It can be used alone or in series to obtain higher vacuum degree. It also can be used as a high vacuum pump or other ultrahigh vacuum water pump of the pump.

fine chemical industry the refinement of rotary vane vacuum pumps

crude tower vacuum system - — Is usually a vacuum distillation, solvent dewaxing, other vacuum distillation tower and the torch gas energy.

crude tower, vacuum system, usually in the large liquid ring vacuum pump installed in the front of the first level rotary vane vacuum pump, after the rotary-vane vacuum water pump set two parallel liquid ring compressor. Out of the compressor into the H2S gas to take off the angry machine ( Ammonia reaction) And then as a burning fuel into the furnace.

solvent dewaxing: solvent dewaxing process including cooling wax oil, make it condenses into wax, then filtering and solvent washing. To keep vacuum in vacuum drum filter can make the wax oil under the action of external pressure through the screen mesh. Usually introduces nitrogen as a protective gas filter, then take out. The filtered oil and nitrogen into the receiver, oil is separated out. Nitrogen through drum into rotary vane vacuum water pump. This is a continuous dewaxing cycle operation.

for crude oil vacuum distillation tower system for rotary vane vacuum pump and steam jet pump vacuum system, but this does not mean that the technology is used only for such applications. In the past, many vacuum system using the steam jet pump. Using mixed vacuum system instead of them is a good choice. Change as a result of energy saving.

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