Roots vacuum unit roots vacuum pump to produce noise and vibration in the _ how to solve

by:J&T     2020-05-23

~ 10 - in 102 1 of pa vacuum applications, roots screw vacuum device such as a dry vacuum combination is relatively common, wide adaptability, clean and stable. If encountered in the application process of roots vacuum pump is abnormal vibration and noise, the reason, and screw vacuum water pump manufacturers to discuss.

1, both the roots vacuum pump and the screw vacuum pump, all have no contact with their rotor, and in the process of operation does not directly cause wear and tear. However, after long-term operation, the drive gear may wear, causing gear misalignment. Side clearance is greater than the minimum clearance of the rotor, which may lead to the rotor collision and vibration and noise. Assembly in the process of assembly, of course, the bad can also cause that to happen.

2, rolling bearing wear or installation is unreasonable. Clearance more than a specified value, this will lead to similar results.

3, roots vacuum pump start-up pressure is too high. Desiccant type air-cooled roots vacuum pump and multistage roots vacuum pump, common roots vacuum pump can't start under high-pressure difference. If initial pressure is too high and the pressure difference is too big, the rotor and other components will be overheating and inflation. If more than a certain level, will be damaged and cause abnormal vibration and noise.

4, in the process of production, such as the roots vacuum pump and screw pump displacement pump to allow a certain amount of fine particles and the condensate through the gap, but if there is a big due to various reasons of abrasive particles into the pump chamber. Or too much of the condensed water accumulated in the pump cavity, causes the rotor and other parts of the friction and wear, at the same time the abnormal formation of vibration and noise. In addition, if the impurities accumulated to a certain degree, motor overload and to get stuck in.

5, improper equipment placed, tilt or loose fasteners. At the same time, can also cause poor lubrication oil shortage caused by the vibration noise, etc. , and may lead to further damage of gear and bearing wear.

these reasons will cause the roots vacuum pump abnormal vibration and noise during operation. When they see the roots vacuum pump in the vacuum unit operation in the process of abnormal, should immediately check whether the pump start-up pressure meet the specified value, input current is normal pump motor, and check whether the conditions of pump in the lubricating oil and the position of the pump is placed. If you find problems, to solve immediately.

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