Roots vacuum unit application _ in the chemical process

by:J&T     2020-05-23

vacuum pump is a common type of equipment in chemical production, through to obtain and maintain a vacuum pumping containers. Roots vacuum pump and other related equipment vacuum system, mainly used in chemical process control, or will be closed the material in the pipeline transportation from one place to another place. At present, most of the use of vacuum pump is horizontal reciprocating vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump.

is used. The vacuum pump has some shortcomings. Because in the process of chemical process control, as the reaction progresses, demand for vacuum degree from high to reduce gradually, and the vacuum pump motor is running under the rated power. If it is just starting reaction pumping system are presented. On the one hand, high pumping rate will lead to the organic solvent in the reaction system is reported, on the other hand, the operation is difficult to control.

if in the initial stage of the reaction need low vacuum degree, usually by the vacuum buffer tank on the exhaust valve opens at a certain point of view to solve. Therefore, due to the vacuum pump inhalation of air, production site are very noisy. At the same time, the motor power underused, waste power.

according to the above phenomenon, choose roots vacuum unit to replace the vacuum pump. Run after a period of time, W type horizontal reciprocating vacuum pump and the defect of water ring vacuum pump well solved, power saving effect is obvious.

with the continuous development of economy, the roots vacuum pump units is also developing rapidly. The roots vacuum water pump units has been popularized and applied widely in China.

1。 At present, almost all the big high vacuum and medium vacuum systems are equipped with roots vacuum pump, to shorten the flush time, improve production efficiency. Therefore, roots pump must be on the basis of the occupation of the domestic market try to enter the international market. In the market, it is necessary to further reduce the vibration and noise of domestic roots vacuum pump, completely solve the problem of shaft seal leakage, improve the quality of the appearance of the pump, improve the stability of the pump and cleanliness;

2, in order to meet the requirements of different ultimate vacuum, pump can be used in series, roots vacuum pump units with air-cooled first commonly give expulsion-typely atmospheric roots pump, limiting vacuum of an order of magnitude higher than the previous pump. This type of pump is actually dry pump, because there is no working medium in pump chamber. At present, this kind of dc air roots pump and air cooling units has been in the oil, chemicals, plastics, pesticides, turbine rotor dynamic balancing, space space simulation devices such as tested in the long run, so the roots vacuum unit is to get promotion and application.

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