Roots vacuum pump unit operation process - how

by:J&T     2020-05-22

there are different types of roots vacuum pump unit, the functions and features of each have different, but most of all have the same operation, mainly divided into two types: intermittent and continuous. Therefore, in order to let everyone have a better understanding of the unit running process, below small make up will give you the detailed introduction, let's take a look.

1。 Intermittent operation process: the process relies on the lid is manual up and down or back and forth, to determine the size of the vacuum chamber should not be too big. Vacuum pump unit roots run only in vacuum cover closed, and units in other time is not running. This operation mode has the advantage of reducing power consumption and noise, but this requires that the quality of the equipment must be very good. If the unit was found to be of poor quality, use for a long time there will be a slow process of pumping air into vacuum state, the phenomenon of poor vacuum effect. As a result, the customer, while buying the roots vacuum pump unit, should not only look at the price, and ignore the quality.

2。 The lid of a continuous operation process: the cylinder control automatically. Cylinder through the roots vacuum pump units to provide vacuum hood pressure, so the unit is always in a state of work. But, on the plank and use of the machine frame requires strengthening, lead to the entire unit size is greater than the size of the unit.

therefore, when using the roots vacuum pump units, can be used according to the requirements of the unit operation and site conditions of actual situation, choose a more suitable operation process, to better play to the function of the unit, the operation of generating units is more stable and durable.

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