Roots vacuum pump repair factory introduced roots vacuum pump used in temperature should note -

by:J&T     2020-05-21

roots vacuum pump repair factory introduced the use of the temperature of the roots vacuum pump. Temperature changes during the running of the roots vacuum pump, also said in the side. Roots pump equipment is in good condition. When using the equipment, therefore, must pay more attention to the change in temperature. Once the temperature significantly higher or lower, there must be inside the equipment problem, need to stop the water pump for maintenance. Therefore, the following editing will discuss the temperature of the preventive measures.

when the roots vacuum pump plug is still very hot, the environment temperature suddenly will lead to a big drop in roots pump shell contraction, resulting in pump stop rotating. When working under extreme pressure, this is especially important. So we must make every effort to avoid sudden changes in ambient temperature. In addition, the operator must be careful not to suddenly opened the shutters, near the other door, etc. , especially in winter, it is important to pay special attention to the temperature difference.

in addition, for those vertical roots vacuum pump, please put it in the roof or under a canopy, in case of rain. If the water in the case of a fire to roots pump, the pump shell could burst, especially the grey cast iron water pump shell. Nodular cast iron type roots pump with high intensity, thus is more suitable for the thermal fluctuations.

if the roots vacuum pump under extreme pressure differential operation, can be installed on the exhaust side temperature sensor, and any damage caused to prevent overheating. This will produce alerts in finite temperature, and when the pump at high temperature to shut it down.

as a result, in observing the temperature change of the roots vacuum pump, everyone must be careful, to avoid negligence and is not found in time the temperature change of roots pump equipment, thus indirect losses ideal maintenance time. At the same time, we must keep in mind that the above considerations, so that the temperature changes in equipment, can according to the right way to quickly perform maintenance operations.

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