Roots vacuum pump repair and copper impeller pump configuration - before

by:J&T     2020-05-21

roots vacuum pump copper impeller if use time is too long, will produce crack, corrosion, corrosion and erosion, cause a lot of eyes, so you need to repair on a regular basis. Today, I'd like to introduce you to the roots vacuum pump copper impeller repair methods.

roots vacuum water pump copper impeller repair welding method is prior to welding will need welding parts clean, remove grease, rust, etc. Can some or all of the preheat to 250 - 450. 30 I usually be selected is used for welding powder powder. Welding wire is usually 224 silicon brass wire. For mild oxidation flame or neutral flame welding flame. During operation, the pressure of welding is often used to reduce metal overheating and improve formation of weld. During operation, as far as possible to avoid high temperature flame core and direct contact between the molten pool of metal. Weld metal porosity heat preservation and slow cooling after welding can eliminate stress, improve performance. After cooling, can be machined.

when monocyclic open wheel wear groove marks or some wear phenomenon is not serious, emery cloth polishing are available, and the thickness of the permit for lighting. To restore the original size can also be through metal.

roots vacuum pump copper impeller 2-ring inner ring seal, partial wear is not serious when polishing cloth are available, and the thickness of the allowed when the light is also available. If wear or local wear serious, you can replace the inner ring.

roots vacuum pump or repair after vacuum pump impeller copper impeller should be static balance test. Vacuum pump copper impeller balance method is to lose weight. Test the vacuum pump after copper impeller on the milling machine, grinding can be heavier pieces, such as balance test in the heavier and the lighter side of the object. However, the thickness of the vacuum pump copper impeller cover plate shall not exceed 1/3 of the impeller cover plate thickness.

roots vacuum water pump how to select and match the precursor pump

1. Before the roots vacuum pump pump suction velocity should be according to the size of the roots vacuum pump working pressure for a long time to consider

2. Pay attention to the guangdong roots vacuum pump booster pump suction time beforehand. If the normal working hours than suction time much longer, if the smaller backing pump of vacuum chamber is bigger, need immediate suction, should use a larger backing pump, and should be installed on the machine larger backing pump, in order to better play to the power of the equipment.

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