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by:J&T     2020-05-23

roots vacuum pump can't use alone, have to match up of pump unit, the level of vacuum pump before use in order to reduce the roots vacuum pump discharge pressure, as a result of the roots vacuum pump compression ratio is limited, so select level before pumping speed of vacuum pump is quite important. Roots vacuum pump is the maximum compression ratio with the exhaust pressure change, under the high discharge pressure, maximum compressed 3:1 larger than most, and the highest compression ratio is between the discharge pressure of 1 to 10 mbar ( 1 mbar=0. 75Torr) Can reach 50:1, even taller. So, choose the backing pump pumping speed, according to the long-term work pressure of the roots vacuum pump range considered.

such as a system with the roots vacuum pump suction units, in 1 mbar inlet pressure pumping speed 600 liters per second, and work for a long time, ask how should choose the backing pump pumping speed.

presuppose that use before 30 liters per second stage pump, compression ratio K = 600:30 = 20 maximum discharge pressure when K = 20 to 30 mbar.

thus, elected by the level of 30 liters per second before the pump, the inlet pressure is lower than 1. 5 mbar the following work is feasible, but higher than 1. Choose 5 mbar inlet pressure at work for a big some backing pump. In this case, the vacuum degree of work 1 mbar is lower than 1. 5 mbar, so before 30 liters per second stage pump can meet the requirements of the vacuum system of extraction.

1 should consider the requirements of the drainage time

if the normal working hours than drainage time is long, the optional smaller backing pump; If the vacuum chamber is bigger, and demanded quick drainage, with larger backing pump, sometimes in order to better play the efficiency of the equipment and unit is equipped with large drainage pump, stopped it after normal work, and with smaller backing pump to maintain, this is done to save power.

2 should consider the limit pressure of the roots vacuum pump units requirements

is to choose the pump must be considered before, higher requirements for ultimate vacuum ( 1 x10 - 3 ~ 1 x10 - 2 Pa pressure) Generally choose double rotary vane seal mechanical pump or double slide valve mechanical pump as the backing water pump. Ultimate vacuum requirement in ( 1 x10 - 2 x10 - Pa ~ 1 1Pa) Can choose between a single stage oil seal mechanical pump as the backing pump, ultimate vacuum requirements between 133 ~ 1333 pa can choose reciprocating vacuum pump or liquid ring vacuum pump as the backing pump.

was elected with a reciprocating or thick liquid ring type vacuum pump is regarded as the backing water pump of the roots vacuum pump, pumping speed of pump before 1/2 - general for roots vacuum pump 1/4, cannot too big, otherwise will make the compression ratio is too big, cause the roots vacuum pump exhaust temperature is high and can't work normally.

3 also should consider is whether the corrosive medium in the smoke gas, whether they contain non-condensable gas, is large or small amounts of

if containing corrosive gas, will not be able to choose oil seal mechanical pump, oil seal mechanical pump is not suitable for sexual steam ejector contains a lot of condensable gas, otherwise will soon the sealing liquid emulsification, ejector contains trace of condensable vapor gas, also must have a device with a gas ballast oil seal mechanical pump as the backing pump.

in order to obtain the low inlet pressure ( 1~100pa) High extraction rate, can use a roots vacuum pump as another roots vacuum pump former level 3 or 4 sets of pump, pumping speed ratio between the roots vacuum pump at this time in between 2 ~ 5.

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