Roots vacuum pump need to pay attention to the use of myth _

by:J&T     2020-05-21

1, the roots vacuum pump must be equipped with the former pump, roots vacuum pump can not be used alone.

2, roots vacuum pump is multi-purpose in roots vacuum unit, its role is to improve the pumping speed and the former vacuum pump. Roots vacuum pump before and connection in the match to be equipped with a bypass valve, it can effectively protect the roots vacuum water pump, if the backing water pump suction instability or other factors lead to the entire unit work not normal roots vacuum pump with a bypass valve at this time will have the effect of protecting the roots vacuum pump, so as to prolong the life of the vacuum unit. Shenzhen heng to produce roots vacuum pump is equipped with by-pass valve, the user can be at ease use.

3, when selecting a roots vacuum pump is important to note the roots vacuum pump seal parts, which is a kind of way, shenzhen heng to produce roots vacuum pump is the mechanical seals are used, this can effectively improve the working efficiency of the roots vacuum pump, if the roots vacuum pump seal way choice collar seal work efficiency will be greatly reduced, and the need to pay special attention to choose the roots vacuum pump.

4, roots vacuum pump in use process, if the results in the decrease of vacuum degree, the need to check the essential point is whether there are any changes in the clearance between the roots vacuum pump rotor, if the roots vacuum pump rotor clearance, you need to replace the roots vacuum water pump, because the roots vacuum pump is not in the process of production and processing of roots vacuum pump rotor static and dynamic balance, or the collar seal.

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