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by:J&T     2020-05-23

here are the roots vacuum pump manufacturers with the introduction of the preparation work before start the roots vacuum pump. Roots vacuum pump units generally use the roots pump as the main pump, water ring pump as the backing pump. The vacuum unit is widely used in various industries, such as the process of freeze drying in food industry, pharmaceutical industry in the drying process, vacuum distillation and crystallization process in chemistry industry, etc. In order to help customers to better prepare our products use, we'd like to introduce the preparing work before start the roots vacuum unit.

1。 water tank water level before check whether reach more than three-quarters of the water tank, and make up the shortfall.

2。 Check whether the water in the tank use clean, are not allowed to use sewage containing sediment, to avoid blocking pipe, cause impeller wear, increase the motor load, breakdowns, affect the service life of the pump to use.

3。 Check lubricating oil in the middle and primary water pump oil level. Oil level must reach more than three-quarters of the oil window. At the same time, check the color of lubricating oil. If the presence of the roots vacuum pump had more milky white or black impurities, notify the mechanic oil change.

4。 Check whether middle circulation cooling water pump and the main pump is in good condition, open circulating cooling water and the water valve, check whether normal circulation cooling water and the water.

5。 Check whether the drain valve of the pump at the bottom of the buffer tank between whether to shut down.

6。 Check whether the roots vacuum water pump unit circuit is good, control cabinet indicating whether is normal.

7。 Check the electrode contact pressure of vacuum pump unit. Middle and primary pump pressure whether to start the normal ( Intermediate pump to start the inlet pressure is greater than zero. 065 mpa, start the main pump inlet pressure is greater than zero. 085Mpa) 。

everyone often ignore the preparation work. In fact, the work is also very important. Only careful preparation work before construction, to ensure the safety of the work to improve the quality of production. To sum up, the roots vacuum pump unit only in all the above items are checked and confirmed to start.

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