Roots vacuum pump attention when using this _

by:J&T     2020-05-23

roots vacuum pump is a kind of commonly used vacuum unit, can be widely used. The product is mainly made up of two in the pump body has an opposite direction of rotation of the rotor, they through the rotation of the rotor. There is some difference between other products, so also should be paid attention to when using the following:

1. Always check the oil level. If do not conform to the requirements, must be adjusted to meet the requirements. Use of roots pump is running, the center of the oil level in oil standard.

2, roots vacuum pump oil change cycle according to the actual usage of consideration, whether can meet the performance requirements, etc. , by the user's discretion. Usually, when use new roots pump to remove clean and dry gas, suggested in a oil every 100 hours. In oil can't see the black metal powder, can extend the oil change period in the future.

3, check oil quality, find new oil to oil change timely replacement for Paul, the pump work normally.

        4. Under normal circumstances, equipment operation should be check after 2000 hours, check the silicone seal aging degree, check whether the exhaust valve is broken, and clean the dirt on the valve plate and the exhaust valve seat. Clean roots pump chamber of the components, such as rotor, the rotor blades, spring, etc. Usually dry clean with gasoline. Rubber parts after cleaning, dry with dry cloth. Should be careful when cleaning and assembly.

        5. Roots water pump to add bearing lubricating oil bearing body. Pay attention to the oil level should be located in the center of the mimeograph and lubricating oil should be replaced in a timely manner and supplement.

        6. Check the roots water pump pipe and connector is loose. Turn the roots pump with the hand, see if flexible roots pump.

        7. After reassembling, should be tested. Usually, it must run 2 hours and replace oil twice. Because in the process of cleaning will leave a certain amount of volatile matter, will work normally after normal operation.

        8. Start the motor. During normal operation, open the outlet pressure gauge. After the show the proper pressure, gradually open the gate valve and check the motor load.

        9. Try to control the traffic and the measurements on the sign indicates the scope, to make sure it is able to run in high efficiency, good energy saving effect is achieved.

also note that the roots vacuum pump rotor in mesh each other but have a gap in the pump body. The size of the gap is mainly decided by the viscosity of the liquid. Clearance must be adjusted to more than a certain viscosity range.

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