Roots vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump how to distinguish the -

by:J&T     2020-06-28

roots vacuum water pump ( Abbreviations: roots pump) In the opposite direction of the rotor is equipped with two opposite directions. The rotor and clearance between rotor and the pump shell is very small. Please do not touch the variable capacity pump.

water ring vacuum pump is equipped with eccentric rotor with fixed blades. The water ( Liquid) Put on the wall of the stator. Water ( Liquid) With the stator concentric form liquid ring. Liquid ring vacuum pump and rotor blade variable volume.

roots vacuum pump has been in the oil, chemicals, plastics, pesticides, steam turbine rotor dynamic balance, aerospace simulation, test equipment for a long time, should be promoted and applied in China. And also widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile and other industries. Vacuum pump accessories, is used to control the vacuum pump noise, vacuum pump exhaust silencer.

water ring vacuum pump is mainly used in coal, Waste gas) , chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, papermaking, food, beer, building materials, plastics, metallurgy, electric power and other industries.

the characteristics of the roots vacuum pump is started fast, low energy consumption, low operation cost, pumping speed is fast, high efficiency, gas containing a small amount of water vapor and is not sensitive to dust, pumping speed within the range of 100 pressure big ~ 1 Pa, it can quickly eliminate the sudden release of gases. The range of pressure between oil seal mechanical vacuum pump and diffusion pump. Often, therefore, the diffusion water pump and oil seal mechanical vacuum pumps in series connection, to increase the pump pressure of medium voltage range. At this time, also known as mechanical booster pump.

water ring vacuum pump has simple structure, low manufacturing accuracy, processing is convenient, compact structure, high water pump speed. Usually, it does not take reduction gear and directly connected to the motor. Therefore, the use of the small structure size can get large displacement, cover an area of an area small, suction uniform, stable and reliable, simple operation, convenient maintenance, but inefficient, generally around 30% to 50%, the vacuum degree is low.

in fact, water ring vacuum pump and roots vacuum pump there are still many large difference between the two. Usually, water ring vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pumps are used together, mainly to meet the requirements of enterprise of high vacuum.

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