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by:J&T     2020-05-22

roots vacuum pump adopts advanced vacuum technology, a lot of people will get it confused with backing pump, but the actual pump is only part of the equipment, and so both have relative relationship between pumping speed, the following will introduce the relationship between the two.

1。 When start under high pressure.

( 1) Pressure drops rapidly, to achieve the required pressure. Although the differential pressure exceeds the allowed in the start-up process, overload is a problem with the motor will not but a short time.

( 2) When the inlet pressure is very low or backing pump pneumatic valve work, usually using two-stage pump, otherwise difficult to achieve the required level before pressure. Under this pressure, the first stage pump pumping speed is too low, this will lead to higher compression ratio and lower volumetric efficiency.

2。 With the increase of pressure differential, the required power is bound to increase. Export pipeline have a special gas cooler, set to differential pressure can increase at this time, because of cooling gas reflux can keep the temperature of the rotor within the prescribed scope.

3。 Within the scope of the vacuum and high vacuum, water pump speed ratio of 10:1. If the entry pressure changed or former level is reduced, will reduce the compression ratio, so choose 5-1 as extraction ratio.

4。 When the pump inlet pressure within the scope of general vacuum

(1) when the inlet pressure is 15 hpa, roots vacuum pump and the backing pump of pump speed ratio of 6:1, when the inlet pressure of 75 hpa, pump speed ratio is 2:1, this is an important factor of differential pressure.

( 2) Within the scope of the general vacuum, roots pump and the backing water pump of pump speed ratio should be determined separately, and in general is relatively small. Volumetric efficiency is quite good.

( 3) Allow the differential in the 40 - Within the scope of 100 hpa. In 150 hpa high pressure range, allowing the pressure difference is a bit high, because of the quantity of pumping gas has greatly increased, which changes the cooling of the rotor.

roots vacuum pump speed and the backing pump has a certain relationship. The relationship between the main depends on the volume efficiency and allow the differential vacuum pump. If the differential pressure over, it will be overheating and inflation, cause the clogging in equipment.

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