Roots - Screw vacuum unit in biomedical applications

by:J&T     2020-05-23

pharmaceutical factory used initially roots - Water ring vacuum unit. In the process of production, the best vacuum system of about 38 pa, the power of the entire device is 62. 6千瓦。 Now it is technical renovation. Screw pumps namely, the use of units of production. In the process of production, the best vacuum system for 13 p, power machine for 33. 5千瓦。 Next, I will compare the difference between the two and dry screw vacuum pump in biomedical and what are the advantages in chemical industry.

the pharmaceutical industry and biomedical engineering are two pillars of the modern pharmaceutical industry. Biomedical industries including biotechnology industry and pharmaceutical industry. Biomedical engineering is the life science and engineering science principle and method of comprehensive application. From engineering point of view, it can from the molecules, cells, tissue, organ and the multiple levels of the whole body system to know the body's structure, function and other life phenomenon. Auxiliary for medical use, the human body function and health care of artificial materials, products, equipment and system, the floorboard of the technology. Biomedical engineering industries include: biomedical materials products, ( Organisms) Artificial organs, medical imaging and diagnostic equipment, medical electronic instruments and monitoring devices, modern medicine treatment equipment, medical information technology, rehabilitation engineering technology and equipment, and tissue engineering.

in the biological medicine and chemical industry, roots and roots - screw vacuum device The comparison between water ring vacuum unit has four main difference:

1, due to the roots With roots - screw vacuum device Water ring vacuum unit compared reduces the 29 kw, so can save electricity.

2, because the original system of vacuum degree is not high, so the heating temperature should be higher. The vacuum degree of the system is good, can increase the inputs, increase the monthly output, improve product yield and bring considerable economic benefits for the company.

3, the initial use of water ring water pump, the system out of a small amount of material with water discharge, which consumes a lot of water, polluted water, and consume a large amount of water. No sewage discharge screw vacuum pump. Vent with a gas liquid separation device to recover some of the material. At the same time, the screw water pump itself, corrosion resistance, can remove the acid and alkali and a large amount of water vapor and dust gas.

4 screw pumps, roots pump unit is very stable and reliable operation, low maintenance rate, maintenance is convenient. It is the pharmaceutical, chemical and product distillation ideal pumping equipment. Dry screw vacuum pump application in the biomedical and chemical industry.

with the continuous development of science and technology of China and the progress, all walks of life in our country attaches importance to the research and exploration of science and technology, and has been focused on the medical and health field. In recent years, biotechnology has made significant breakthroughs and progress. The new biological pharmaceutical system has been updated. Dry screw vacuum pump of biological pharmaceutical industry is of great significance. Dry screw vacuum pump is a very high-tech products. It is mainly used for high purity vacuum process. A high vacuum degree. Can be used in the poor working conditions. It has the ability of extraction can be condensed and the particles in the gas.

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