Roots rotary vane vacuum unit overview and selection considerations _

by:J&T     2020-05-23

today for everyone to introduce roots rotary vane vacuum unit, mainly from the overview and selection considerations for these two aspects to explain.

roots rotary vane vacuum unit overview

roots rotary vane vacuum unit by what ZJ had type roots water pump as the main pump, as the backing pump of low level and high vacuum equipment of single stage or two stage rotary vane pump. The entire unit placed with pipes, valves and electrical control box racks, in addition to a minimum of two specifications, the unit is equipped with cooling water pipe system, the structure is compact and easy to use. When the rotor vane vacuum limits, pumping speed will decrease. The roots vacuum pump to keep the unit during the ultimate vacuum pumping speed is relatively high. Roots rotary vane vacuum unit of high vacuum degree, can work continuously. Low noise.

in order to improve the pumping performance of roots rotary vane vacuum unit, to achieve a higher ultimate vacuum and pumping speed under high and low inlet pressure, and for large vacuum unit using smaller size of the front end of the pump, roots rotary vane vacuum unit also has a level 3 unit connected by secondary roots vacuum water pump series.

according to the size of the vacuum system and gas state, roots rotary vane vacuum water pump of the unit between the nominal pumping speed is usually between four and 10:1. The former is suitable for longer vacuum system. Work under high low inlet pressure or vacuum. Level in order to prevent the former rotary vane vacuum pump oil, the series roots rotary vane vacuum unit in the first level is equipped with electromagnetic relief valve on the pipeline, the role of motor is connected with the former.

roots rotary vane vacuum unit use

roots rotary vane vacuum unit is suitable for pumping air and non-condensable, other non-corrosive gases. It is widely used in need high pumping speed and low vacuum and high vacuum in the vacuum system. For example, vacuum melting, liquid steel degassing, vacuum sintering, large space dynamic vacuum acquisition simulation testing, power capacitor, transformer vacuum immersion process, fluorescent tube, bulb production line of auto exhaust, thermos of exhaust in a row, preheating of extraction in the vacuum coating equipment, in the magnesium reduction process for extraction, degassing and so on in the process of monocrystalline silicon refining.

roots rotary vane vacuum unit selection considerations

roots rotary vane vacuum unit overview: roots rotary vane vacuum unit based on the roots pump and rotary vane pump as the backing pump series. Roots rotary vane vacuum unit using rotary vane pump as the backing pump, under certain pressure is overcome shortcomings of the rotary vane pump pumping speed is low, while maintaining the agile operation capacity of roots pump and large pumping speed. Advantages due to the unit structure is compact, large pumping speed, cover an area of an area small, so it can replace many sets of mechanical vacuum pump. Roots rotary vane vacuum unit, therefore, it is widely used in vacuum pump, power capacitor, transformer vacuum heat treatment, vacuum coating equipment the preliminary extraction, in electric vacuum semiconductor, etc, the gas with low oxygen content, - Explosive, metal, non-corrosive, react with pump oil and in closed containers not to remove any dust particles.

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