Roots blower is introduced to understand the performance characteristics and application of vacuum pump

by:J&T     2020-06-18
Roots blower, English name Roots blower, rotary blower system volume, use two leaves rotor for relative motion inside the cylinder to compress and transport gas rotary compressor. The blower has simple structure, easy fabrication, suitable for transmission and low pressure of the gas pressure, also can be used as a vacuum water pump. Vacuum pump; Due to periodic suction, exhaust and instantaneous constant volume of compressed air velocity and pressure pulsation, and can produce large aerodynamic noise. In addition, between the rotor and clearance between rotor and cylinder can cause gas leakage, thus reduce the efficiency. Roots blower displacement is zero. 15 to 150 cubic meters/min, speed is 150 ~ 3000 RPM. Single stage compression ratio is usually less than 1. 7, up to 2. 1, can use multi-level series. Basic principle and characteristics of the roots blower is volume rotary blower. According to the shapes of the rotor, roots blower is divided into two type and 3 leaf type. 3 leaf type rotor rotation every three times by two rotor suction, exhaust. Compared with 2, ovate, small gas pulsation, small vibration, low noise. This kind of compressor on the rotor shaft end to keep two rotor synchronous gear engage. Rotor portion of every sunken into the surface of working volume and the cylinder wall, in the process of the rotor turning away from inspiratory mouth gas, when moved to vent and vent near instantaneous, connected with high pressure gas flow, the pressure in the working volume suddenly rise, and then transported to the gas exhaust passage. Between two rotor contact each other, they depend on strict control of gap seal, so the exhaust gas is not polluted by oil. Its characteristic is to use when pressure within the scope of the permit to regulate flow of changes little, pressure range is very wide, has the characteristics of the mandatory gas. When conveying medium oil. Simple structure, convenient maintenance, long service life, low vibration. Roots blower speed is 150 ~ 3000 RPM. Flow rate is 0. 15 to 1200 cubic meters/min, the pressure to 9. 8 ~ 196000 mpa, power is 0. 75 ~ 1000 kw, single weight is 100 ~ 9000 kg. Roots blower transport medium for clean air, clean gas, sulphur dioxide and other inert gases, special gases industry ( Coal gas, natural gas, methane, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, etc. ) And the working condition of high pressure preferred products. Given with the above characteristics, and thus can be widely used to metallurgy, chemical industry, fertilizer industry, petrochemical industry, instruments, building materials.
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