Root cause analysis - dry screw vacuum pump damage

by:J&T     2020-07-03
A, dry screw vacuum pump rotor surface corrosion cause analysis

dry screw vacuum pump feed medium containing sulfur dioxide and water. In combination with generating sulfurous acid, sulfur dioxide and water sulfurous acid to metal corrosion. In order to prevent the rotor and the pump cavity corrosion, the rotor and the pump cavity surface coated with fluoro lung layer. Corrosion of the rotor and the pump chamber show that the layer is damaged, sulfite has indoor corrosion to the pump.

2, rotor and the water pump chamber fluoro lung damage analysis

the rotor and the pump chamber surface damage there are three possible reasons:

1, the water pump has solid particles into the interior, which can lead to damage of coating.

2, the chemicals in the pump chamber and colloid is formed on the rotor, colloid and hardening of the carbide, damage to the rotor and pump chamber of the coating.

3, there are other reasons.

1, screw vacuum pump rotor and the pump room solids damage analysis

check pump imported equipment and pipeline, and did not find the free movement of solid particles such as pieces of metal, scrap iron.

2, screw vacuum pump rotor and the pump cavity colloidal carbon damage analysis

pump suction pipe wall attachment photo, this material for dark brown. After analysis, the material of iron, carbon and oxygen element is a polymer material, such as butadiene and sulfolane, they stick on the pipe wall. If the material adhesion in the pump chamber and the rotor surface, carbide and hardening easily, so as to damage the rotor surface layer.

3, screw vacuum pump rotor and pump chamber technology factor analysis

vacuum pump in the gas phase outlet pressure is 80000 mpa ( A) For negative pressure, the export of pump liquid for atmospheric pressure. Under normal circumstances, the pump outlet of the liquid is not normal into the underground tank, thus forming circumfluence, resulting buildup contains sulfurous acid liquid substances in the pump outlet. Accumulate in the water pump discharge of sulfurous acid corrosion liquid impact for vacuum pump. It should be said that the pump outlet fluid backflow is the main reason for the pump rotor and the pump cavity corrosion.

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