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by:J&T     2020-04-12
A major part of the fluorine plastic magnetic pump magnetic steel, magnetic pump and sliding bearing of sleeve is a major part of the magnetic pump. the price of the material properties of pump, structure, reliability, efficiency and life span is of important value. Impact. ( 1) Inner and outer magnetic steel 1 ferrite material price cheap, use temperature below 85 ℃, low magnetic energy product ( 10 - 30 kj / m3) , magnetic conduction loss is big, the rotor part when the rotor is blocked, pump sliding occurs, overload or demagnetization. Ferrite magnetic material is early magnetic drive water pump magnet steel material. It is seldom used abroad. Two rare earth cobalt cobalt is a new type of permanent magnet. Varieties are: samarium cobalt, aluminum nickel and cobalt, samarium cobalt, cobalt and mixed rare earth rare cobalt and copper. Its magnetic conduction efficiency and magnetic energy product ( Magnetic energy product of 80 ~ 240 kj/m3) And has a strong ability of resistance to demagnetization, the coercive force HCT is 360 ~ 1200 ka/m. Samarium cobalt coupling need only 6% of the mass of ferrite coupling. It can provide considerable torque, which can be used at up to 300 ° C temperature. ( 2) Silicon carbide silicon carbide ceramic are sliding bearing material 1 is a good material of sliding bearing, high carrying capacity, corrosion resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and good heat resistance. Temperatures may reach above 500 ° C, the disadvantage is that the price is more expensive, but can't afford to short-term dry running. 2 graphite, graphite is also the ideal sliding bearing material, and has a good self-lubricating performance, affordable dry running for a short period of time, temperature can reach 450 ° C, but can not be used in vulnerable to electrolytic lesion of medium. 8 filled PTFE teflon filled carbon, glass fiber such as sliding bearing, using temperature of 120 ° C or less. ( 3) Isolated set of 1 metal metal separation sleeve eddy current loss. In order to reduce the eddy current loss and improve the efficiency of transmission, Hastelloy C should be used, such as titanium and its alloy resistance of metal materials. Eddy current loss of total transmission efficiency usually 15? 5%. Non-metallic isolated casing non-metallic casing 2 no eddy current loss, can increase the transmission efficiency of magnetic coupler accordingly. Isolated set of plastic and ceramic, not of metal. Plastic temperature resistance is usually low ( PVDF, for example, isolating casing temperature limit of 120 ℃, the heat resistance of reinforced pp limit of 100 ℃) And ceramics with high temperature resistance. Therefore, in order to eddy current loss, usually use the non-metallic spacer ( Mainly plastic) 。 When the use of non-metallic isolating casing pressure and temperature more than limit, you can use the metal casing. 4. Fluorine plastic magnetic pump can also be divided into IMD and CQB magnetic pump magnetic pump. They're fluorine plastic pump valve, and fluorine plastic self-priming pump and fluorine plastic centrifugal pump. They know about these also has a lot of knowledge. If you are interested, you can check my other articles and thank you for reading. The last: stainless steel rust under the principle of a magnetic pump: stainless steel submerged pump product features
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