Resistance to acid and alkali pump flanges using type is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-20
Acidproof alkali pump is now in the production of chemical industry, the transmission of strong acid, strong alkali, strong corrosion resistance of the corrosion solution chemical water pump, acidproof alkali water pump is generally divided into: fluorine plastic centrifugal water pump, fluorine plastic magnetic pump, stainless steel centrifugal pump, stainless steel magnetic pump and so on, users in the use of resistant to acid and alkali pump installation, basic connecting the flange connection, flange and flange or flange. Make the pipe and pipe connected parts. Connection in the pipe. On the flange hole, can wear bolt, make two flange. The flange gasket seal. Below is the flange type and knowledge: A, flange connection between container components are not detachable ( Welding) , can be split two kinds. Due to the production process requirement, and in order to manufacture, transportation, installation and maintenance is convenient, in the cylinder and the cylinder, cylinder and head, tube and pipe, pipe and valve, flange connection form of common removable. Despite removable structure flange connection, threaded connection and socket type connector, etc. But the flange connection with its peculiar reliable sealing, high strength, to adapt to the advantages of wide applications in chemical, pharmaceutical equipment and piping. Second, the structure and working mechanism of sealing mechanism of flange connection: through the bolt pre-tightening, gasket between the flange sealing surface by pressure change, and fill the gap of flange sealing surface uneven, to stop the medium by the permeability of capillary leakage and gaskets gasket within and between the sealing surface leakage. So as to realize seal. Not guarantee flange seal is: the condition of preload, and tighten the pre-tightening force on the gasket pressure not less than advance tightly sealed pressure; Work, work in the residual pressure of not less than work on sealing gasket pressure. Third, the flange type, according to the integrity of the flange to the equipment or pipeline connection degree to classification: 1, the integral flange flat welding flange: used for temperature, pressure is not too high. ( Standard of concrete temperature and pressure values) Butt welding flange: applicable to high pressure, temperature and toxic, flammable, explosive of important occasions. Cost is high. 2, loose flange features: flange unable to connect to a pipe or container together, suitable for low pressure, the non-ferrous metal and stainless steel equipment and pipeline shell does not produce additional bending stress; Made of carbon steel, precious metal consumption can be saved. But the loose flange rigidity is poor. 3, threaded flange, it is widely used in small diameter and high pressure piping and flange on the tube wall of additional stress is small. Four, in the form of sealing surface: planar: simple structure, convenient processing, facilitate preservation or lining. But the gasket for extrusion and compression, to used in low voltage, small size, nontoxic and sealing requirements is not high. Concave and convex type: good to neutral, sealed performance is good, used in medium voltage and high temperature occasion. Mortise type: good to neutral, reliable sealing and gasket width is small, the clamping force is small, applicable to flammable, explosive, toxic and high-pressure situations. Processing and maintenance is difficult.
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