Remove the screw vacuum pump motor skills -

by:J&T     2020-05-19

use screw vacuum pump, its temperature will continue to rise, may be more than temperature barrier. There are many reasons for the phenomenon. Here, we need to stop the machine, bit by bit is removed for analysis. Here we will introduce the equipment removal methods.

1。 Before disassembly, measure and record the local clearance rotor, try not to use a heavy hammer percussion. Remove parts shall be properly kept, not scratch.

2。 Should stop replacement parts and components for reasons and application status of detailed records.

3。 Before decomposition again, clean all parts and cutting burr.

4。 No seal liner or seal of the static sealing surface should be coated inorganic silicon rubber coating, then according to the listing clearance adjustment of rotor local clearance.

5。 Remove all requirements after installation, but should stop after reassembling leak detection, and promptly stop commissioning and function, normal rear can start the installation and operation.

when screw vacuum pump problem, should be immediately shut down, shut off the power, then remove. This is in order to protect the safety of personnel and equipment. According to the correct method, using temperature should be reasonable control disassembly, in order to reduce the risk caused by high temperature. ( In this paper, from the network, if the screw vacuum pump failure please contact after-sales personnel, please do not remove) 。

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