Reasons of affecting water ring vacuum pump pumping speed is analysed

by:J&T     2020-07-02

the pumping speed is the enterprise should pay special attention to when buying water ring vacuum water pump of a parameter. It represents equipment productivity level, but there are many reasons affects the pumping speed of equipment in everyday use. We should have a certain understanding and avoid in time.

1, the water ring vacuum pump and the vacuum chamber of the connection pipe can include cold trap and valves, etc. Between the pump and the vacuum chamber is assumed to guide for U, the pump flow guide U must be passed to the vacuum pumping, the pumping ability is limited. At this point, the container of the pumping effect is very significant. Net speed of vacuum chamber under the bleeding point S0.

2, according to the basic equation of vacuum, can obtain two different results from the math, that is, when the flow guide U is very large, water ring vacuum pump pumping speed can be approximately equal pump pumping speed S. When S is very big, or flow guide U very hour, net speed of vacuum chamber S0 approximately equal to the flow guide U.

3, after the flow guide U, must be removed by vacuum water pump from vacuum chamber bleeding point out of gas, but will take gas from vacuum chamber bleeding point to port from high pressure to low pressure, the process of the pump and port from the pump for pumping is based on certain from low pressure to high pressure pump principle of forced flow.

4, flow guide U is very large, that is, by its gas quantity is unlimited, so the pump suction capacity depends on its extraction speed, it has to do with direct connection to the vacuum chamber.

5, if the water ring vacuum pump pumping speed is very big, compared with the pumping speed of the flow guide U are very small, and the actual speed of the pump is not depends on its pumping speed for gas flow through the ability to guide U, the value of the flow guide S0 is effective extraction speed.

if the water ring vacuum pump in use process to improve the pumping speed, then according to the formula, it is necessary to start from this aspect of pumping speed flow guide and adjust it to a more appropriate value. Career.

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