Principles of quality inspection and replacement of the roots vacuum pump oil _

by:J&T     2020-05-22

roots vacuum pump oil quality, efficiency and safety relates to the use of the product, therefore, when we oil testing for it, we must found in time, some method of replacement in time, will also be conducive to better results. Specific methods are as follows.

1。 Oil flow observation: take two cups, one should check the roots vacuum water pump oil, another is empty, cup in 30 - full of oil 40 cm high, from the desktop to make oil gently flowing empty glass vacuum pump, observe its flow, mass flow rate should be good oil vacuum pump is a slender, homogeneous and continuous, when the flow is not stable, sometimes also have large, the vacuum pump oil has already occurred.

2。 Hand twist: roots vacuum pump oil grinding repeatedly, between the thumb and forefinger to reverse, the vacuum pump oil better handle, less elastic, friction, such as big friction if finger feel the sand between the manifolds of the vacuum pump oil quality, can't reuse, vacuum pump oil should be replaced in a timely manner.

3。 Lighting: on a clear day, pick up the vacuum pump oil, 45 degrees and levels. Sunshine control, under the condition of oil droplets observation, in the light, the vacuum water pump can clearly see that the oil of wear debris, said good, if excessive wear debris, vacuum pump oil should be replaced.

4。 Oil drop method: a clean white filter paper, and a few drops on the filter paper, until the roots vacuum pump oil leak, if there is a black powder, touch resistance acerbity feeling, it shows that the surface of the vacuum pump oil, it has a lot of impurities, good no powder vacuum pump oil hands feels dry and smooth, and a yellow flag.

the quality inspection of the roots vacuum pump must follow certain requirements and methods, secondly when changing, should be promptly, or if the change is not timely, will accelerate the damage of the parts that affected their lives, and even security products, so be sure to do a good job of inspection in a timely manner.

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