Principle of vacuum impregnation applications introduce _

by:J&T     2020-05-27

applying process, vacuum impregnation is vacuum impregnating material under vacuum conditions through vacuum impregnation into other solid material in order to realize the material properties of the material or meet certain requirements. Its application principle is, in fact, wetting mechanism, a result of the combined action of capillarity and adsorption.

the first is the wetting mechanism. Its essence is the adhesion between liquid and solid molecules, namely the mutual attraction is greater than the mutual attraction between liquid molecules ( Also known as the cohesion) 。 Wetting the first condition is to reduce contact Angle ( Of the surface of the liquid and solid surface cutting surface forming Angle) And increase the adhesion force between the workpiece and penetration material. Therefore, must be degreased before vacuum impregnation, decontamination and drying. Waiting for the surface treatment process.

followed by capillarity. Capillarity is immersed in liquid in a fine rose, non-wetting liquid drop in the fine phenomena ( Contact with the liquid and solid in the adhesive layer, molecular attraction is weak, solid liquid viscosity) Strong, liquid surface shrinkage. Trend is formed not wetting; Solid molecules is attractive, the surface of the adhesive layer swells and formation permeability. To outsiders, the liquid surface is similar to the rubber membrane tension. If the curved liquid surface, it will flatten. Liquid would impose a pull on the liquid surface, the pressure on the liquid to the following. Vacuum impregnation of capillarity is caused by the surface tension of the liquid, so impregnated material drawn into the microporous material. Adsorption is

when material impregnated material and the interface between the pores in the wet state. Once the distance between the two molecules is 0 or less. 525 nm, will produce strong adsorption, the permeability of materials filling the pores of material, and can adhesion after curing. Formed a solid overall.

under the condition of vacuum, gas evolution of impregnated material not only, and the formation of voids and channels, this is good for infiltration and diffusion process of impregnated material, and can be formed on the surface of a high concentration of penetration. Impregnation in a vacuum environment medium compared with atmospheric pressure impregnation. In combination with the above three application principle, compared with atmospheric pressure impregnation operation, reduced the vacuum impregnation operation time, reduce the material consumption, and can effectively improve the quality.

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