Power plants with a variety of vacuum pump work, and explain the _

by:J&T     2020-06-04

vacuum pump as auxiliary equipment of power plants is very important, each link has been widely used in power plants. Feed pump, circulating pump, condensate pump, ash pump, heat pump, etc. , these auxiliary engine running state, not only the relationship between the power plant safety, economic operation of power plants and energy saving also plays an important role!


piston pump piston pump working principle: by the reciprocating movement of the piston, which makes the work cycle of a pump chamber, inlet and discharge volume change of the liquid discharge. Described in the piston pump water pump cylinder, piston, valve out of water, water, and the combination of a transmission link.

piston pump is suitable for high pressure, low flow condition. Inhalation can, for a variety of different viscosity of pumping liquid medium.


reciprocating pump working principle of reciprocating pump, the eccentric shaft through the rotary motion of the piston rod is driven by the circumference of the axis of rotation of the device into the reciprocating movement of the piston. The piston continues to reciprocating motion and the pressure of the pump suction process is continuously alternating.

reciprocating pump available high discharge pressure and flow rate and pressure has nothing to do. But the flow reciprocating pump is very stable, agency is complex, difficult to repair.

3, water ring vacuum pump

water ring vacuum pump works: ring vacuum pump impeller pump blades eccentric to install cylindrical shell. A certain amount of injection pumps. When the impeller rotates, the water thrown to form water ring pump housing, ring tangential stated on the inner surface of the wheel hub. Due to different heart pump casing and impeller, between the wheel and the right of water intake space expanding ring 4, the resulting vacuum, through a gas inlet tube to the pump inlet space. Then gas into the left half, as a result of the annular volume gradually compressed between the wheel and increased pressure, then through the exhaust pipe and described in the exhaust gas space is expelled outside of the pump.

4, roots vacuum water pump

roots vacuum pump working principle: the continuous rotation of the rotor, pump gas inhaled from the air inlet into the space between the rotor and the pump shell where V0, then discharge through the vent port. Due to breathe in the space where V0 is completely closed, so there are no gas in pump chamber of the compression and expansion. Described, however, when the rotor to vent at the top of the edge turns to the space where V0 exhaust side due to the high side of the exhaust pressure, return part of the gas, so that the gas washing space where V0 pressure increased sharply. As the rotor continues to rotate, the gas is pumped to the external eduction.

5, rotary vane vacuum pump

the working principle of rotary vane vacuum pump, pump shell to install rotor eccentricity. A few time slots on the rotor blade groove has a slide. Around the rotation of the rotor blade slot, not contact with the mentioned pump housing. Through pump shell surrounding space on the side of the expansion of the gas in the impeller pump, whether in is surrounded by narrow side of the space. Produce up to 0. 06 pa vane vacuum pump of low pressure.

6, centrifugal pump

in the operation, the centrifugal pump, liquid filling described as described in the pump housing, high-speed rotating impeller, the high-speed fluid by centrifugal force, channel through the pump shell, the dynamic pressure for high-speed fluid static pressure gradually increase. Centrifugal pump installation, easy maintenance, smooth operation, safe and reliable.

7, double screw vacuum pump

double screw vacuum pump is very similar to the gear pump, screw rotation, through the joint it is another screw driven liquid chamber were intercepted, along the axis of the stem direction going forward, and then pushed to the center of the discharge.

screw vacuum pump the liquid transportation wide range of pressure and flow rate is applicable to wide range, types and viscosity rate. However, higher screw machining and assembly requirements; The performance of the pump is is sensitive to changes in the viscosity of the liquid.

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