Plateau motor and ordinary is the same?

by:J&T     2020-06-30
We all know that there is a plateau response, people tend to lack of oxygen in plateau areas and adverse consequences in the motor used in plateau area will have any reaction, the answer is, yes, motor has a plateau and general motors, different altitude, the plateau motor set is different also, so plateau motors and general motors is not the same, the plateau environment have any influence on motor performance? One, the main characteristics of the plateau area as: air pressure or air density is small. Air temperature is low, and the temperature change is bigger. Absolute humidity is smaller. Solar radiation intensity of illumination is higher. In the 5000 m air oxygen only 53% of the sea level air oxygen. Etc. Second, the ordinary motor running in plateau environment what are the symptoms? Plateau environment of high altitude, low atmospheric pressure, hypoxia, cold and large temperature difference, the sand, condition of ventilation and heat dissipation of the motor, such as insulation and protection for all is extremely harsh test. If general motors directly applied to the plateau environment, likely due to the deterioration of operating conditions fever burned or frequent failures. Three characteristics of the plateau, plateau motor motor points and general purpose plateau outdoor motor and the plateau. General purpose plateau motor need to consider the ventilation and heat dissipation, ordinary motor according to the elevation of temperature limit and strict inspection qualified or improve the conditions of ventilation and heat dissipation can be used in the plateau environment; Plateau except in dielectric strength, clearance, outdoor motor temperature rise limit and corona proof measures shall be adjusted accordingly, often require the use of special ventilation cooling method and prevent the protective structures, such as extreme temperature, prevent sand when necessary according to the specific environment of outdoor design plateau special series motor. Four, the influence of plateau environment on the motor performance plateau motor running at high altitude, because of the low pressure, cooling condition is poor, and the loss will be increased, lower operation efficiency. Therefore, in the same way, different elevation run of motor electromagnetic load rating and thermal design is different. Not high altitude specifications of the motor, appropriate load operation. Otherwise, the performance and life expectancy of the motor will be affected, even destroyed in a short time. Elevation of motor temperature rise, motor corona ( High voltage motor) And dc motor reversing have adverse effects. Should pay attention to the following aspects: 1, air medium cooling effect is reduced, heat dissipation ability, temperature increase, every 1000 m, rising temperature will increase by 3 - 10%, therefore to revised temperature limit. 2, adverse to the dc motor commutator altitude, pay attention to the material selection of carbon brush. 3, causes the decrease of strength of insulation: every 1000 meters, dielectric strength to cut 8 & ndash; 15%. The clearance of the breakdown voltage to drop, therefore increase by elevation size corresponding to the clearance. 4, high altitude, the greater the motor temperature rise, the smaller the output power. But when the temperature decreases with the rise of altitude compensating and the elevation of temperature, the influence of the rated power output of the machine is the same; 5, corona inception voltage is reduced, high voltage motor in the plateau to adopt measures to prevent corona, when using; Five, the running environment regulation in motor product technology condition and product manuals, on the normal work of motor temperature, humidity and altitude to make specific provisions. General motor normal use environment temperature for - 15 to 40 degrees, run to an altitude of 1000 meters; Motor use place above 1000 meters above sea level, the plateau points less than 2000 meters, 3000 meters, 4000 meters, 5000 meters and so on different levels. Six, plateau motor design should consider the problem of altitude for the motor temperature rise, high voltage motor corona, dc motor commutator and winding collector ring have adverse effects. Design link should especially consider the following factors: 1, the higher the altitude, the higher the motor temperature rise will be actual, the smaller the mean output power. But when the temperature decreases with the rise of altitude compensating and the elevation of temperature, the influence of the rated power output of the machine is the same. 2, low air pressure in plateau area, lubricating oil ( Fat) Volatile, lead to mechanical wear. 3, when using high voltage motor in the highlands to adopt more stringent measures to prevent corona. 4, the altitude of dc motor commutator, winding motor collector inside insulation, attention should be paid to the choice of material of carbon brush.
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