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by:J&T     2020-04-19
Plastic submerged pump flow components used engineering plastic, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has excellent corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and good impact resistance. It in conveying contains such as phosphoric acid, mixed acid, hydrofluoric acid, fluosilicic acid, electrolyte, whitewash, sewage and other corrosive liquid aspects of particles exhibit excellent performance. FYU submersible pump is applicable to transport corrosive slurry contains a lot of grain, The weight of the pulp concentration & lt; 20 ℃, solid particle diameter & lt; 0. 5mm。 Stainless steel submersible pumps suitable temperature below 90 ° C, the same medium and working conditions. In these conditions can replace expensive special stainless steel and fluorine plastic submersible water pump. Plastic submersible pump design features: over-current components using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene ( 超高分子量。 PE) Overall molding, and excellent performance. This material is known as the international environment of the most innovative pump corrosion resistant engineering plastics. It in all engineering plastic which has the best wear resistance, impact resistance, creep resistance and excellent corrosion resistance. Apply to - 20°C- 90 ° C acid alkali within the scope of delivery. Slurry and acid alkaline solution. This series of engineering plastic submersible pump have been mass production for many years. Have more than 300 users and more than 1000 locations, has obtained the temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical stability, abrasion resistance and the economic operation cost. Recognized is that the product is a stable, mature technology, user friendly alien anticorrosive pump products, is a ideal substitute for rare metal pump. ( 1) Wet smelting non-ferrous metal industry, especially suitable for lead, zinc, gold, silver, copper, manganese, cobalt and rare earth wet smelting and so on in all kinds of acid, alkali and corrosive slurry and the electrolyte. Transport waste acid, sewage and other media. ( 2) Sulfuric acid phosphate fertilizer industry: dilute acid mother liquor, fluosilicic acid containing phosphoric acid, phosphoric acid slurry and the delivery. ( 3) Water treatment and environmental protection industry: can transport all kinds of impurities in wastewater. ( 4) Pesticides, dyes and fine chemical industry: transportation acid, alkali and acid solvent mixture of acid, can also transport slurry containing solvents and acid and alkaline slurry containing solvents. The previous: stainless steel submerged pump details next article: FYX under high purity aluminum liquid pump
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