Pitfalls - vacuum pump maintenance

by:J&T     2020-05-28

mechanical pump in the overhaul is must pay attention to matters, also there are some common problems of incorrect is cross major vacuum pump maintenance staff is very easy to produce, then, net weaving to introduce key vacuum pump maintenance, easy to make against what does have? And for this is not correct, you should be how to prevent incorrect. Expect, according to the following content, can let everyone know about the content of the vacuum pump repair aggravating.

vacuum pump maintenance, easy to make against has the following contents:

1, the water pump shell welding live inward and outward from the wash pipe

mechanical pump most of wash pipe will use seal material itself by pump channel according to the wash pipe and then import the sealed cavity flushing hole sealing. On both sides of the connection of the flushing tube head gasket and external thread mutual cooperation is very easy to leak, sometimes rinses will continue to appear abrasion metal bellows seal, vacuum water pump maintenance of wash pipe then immediately when the interface electric arc welding welding on both sides. Didn't wash pipe flushing fluid will end temperature of friction pair will rise to a certain extent, can also cause of mechanical seal life.

2, get rid of metal bellows seal water jacket

metal bellow type mechanical seal is generally contain lead water jacket, cooling circulating water spin cover are motivated to guide the sides of the water jacket after friction from seal screw cap below again after discharge. Cooling circulating water refrigeration of the friction pair, both to have effect, also can avoid fluid leak in the seal chamber. In order to reduce the inconvenience lost through cooling waterway, vacuum pump maintenance staff usually because of the convenience, and get rid of guide water jacket casually, can lead to a circulating water cooling is not after discharge sealing condition of baffle.

3, looking for engine timing pump rolling bearing fixed support anchor bolt

in the maintenance of vacuum pump, the motor rotor, fixed bracket of a rolling bearing in the pump body, pump body and pump cover in the middle of the gasket to adjust the part of the radial centrifugal impeller, adjust good buy land after bolt the pump body and water pump cover tight together, then use bolt the pump cover and rolling bearing fixed bracket tight together, finally put even the axis, and alignment. Looking for engine timing motor should be adjusted, first asked to adjust radial gap, then adjust the axial gap. Some maintenance personnel when regulating motor because can not do, can choose to adjust the pump cover and tighten the fixed bracket of the rolling element bearing tight pine is to look for, the level of the anchor bolt do that cause because of anchor bolt tightening level, electric opportunity caused by noise and vibration, will continue to lead to this whole pump subscription fee.

4, a large quantity is smaller than the number of compression seal compression works

when installing a mechanical seal, many vacuum pump maintenance workers often feel compression from the subjective quantity is smaller than the number of the compression sealing good. But too big for the displacement of mechanical seal leads to inner hole pressure is too big, cause the rise of temperature of friction pair, sealing inner hole liquid membrane salary degree to reduce lead to seal is invalid. But the mechanical seal compression quantity can't be too small, the compression quantity hours, very easy to cause seal leakage.

5, immediately overhaul than repair works

mechanical seal once a leak in the application process, many vacuum pump maintenance workers feel shall immediately repair, actually some cases immediately overhaul the actual effect is not necessarily the best. Machinery and equipment in sealing the whole process of operation, although there have been some abnormal, in fact is not destroyed, may be a material change on main parameters, such as, poor cooling effect. After a period of time, material about the main parameters of all normal.

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