Phosphate fertilizer enterprises in vacuum system for vacuum filter _

by:J&T     2020-05-24

phosphate fertilizer is necessary crops, phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium fertilizer only three basic resources, and easy in dangerous and poisonous heavy metal processed into chemical fertilizer. At present there are two major phosphate fertilizer production and processing of raw materials, a kind of phosphate, the sulfuric acid. Combined with actual situation, vacuum system used in phosphate fertilizer enterprises planning, hope to be able to solve the safety and quality of the heavy metal pollution of the environment and crops.

for phosphate fertilizer production of sulfuric acid and phosphate rock raw material directly through the way of fertilizer into the soil heavy metal, the higher accumulation of the content of heavy metals in soil, heavy metal content in crops, causes the unsafe food hygiene, harm people's health problems.

vacuum system in the application of phosphate fertilizer enterprises, is actually to vacuum filter.

central vacuum tank is rotary-vane vacuum pump as vacuum to obtain equipment, automatic vacuum degree in vacuum tank vacuum storage devices control complete system. For frequent use of vacuum source and the volume is not too big occasions, the system than the direct use of vacuum water pump greatly save the energy, and effectively improve the service life of vacuum pump. Now the pump has been widely used in all kinds of food vacuum packaging, rubber and plastic industry the vacuum forming, printing industry, the paper conveying, vacuum impregnation leak proof of all kinds of casting, vacuum jig, vacuum drying, vacuum filter, vacuum dynamic test and the vacuum extraction of hospital operating room in this type of pump can achieve the vacuum within the scope of the various vacuum treatment.

1 vacuum system advantage, need vacuum source, can be achieved in a very short time to vacuum.

2, vacuum source is more stable, is enough.

3, a system is available for multiple workbench used at the same time, at the same time does not affect the operation between different units.

4, pressure container storage sufficient source of vacuum, vacuum pump can stop working/take turns to stop operation, to extend the time of the rest of the pump, so as to reduce the loss of the oil water pump, parts, reduce the cost of operation and maintenance, as well as the noise of the workplace.

5, the operation is convenient, easy to master.

phosphate fertilizer enterprises dedicated vacuum system on heavy metal, phosphate fertilizer can prolapse in phosphate fertilizer production due to remove heavy metals and sulfuric acid phosphate raw material routing directly by using fertilizer into the soil, lead to the accumulation of heavy metals in the soil content, results in excessive amounts of heavy metals crops, causing health food insecurity, endangering people's health problems.

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