Pasture in the advantages and disadvantages of rotary vane vacuum pumps, troubleshooting and maintenance way _

by:J&T     2020-06-04

pasture in the advantages and disadvantages of vacuum pump, troubleshooting and maintenance of right way. Small make up one by one for everyone, grilled steak.

vacuum pump in milking equipment like people's heart, too high or too low blood pressure is dangerous to human body, choose suitable vacuum pump, to maintain the stability of the vacuum pump work for pasture is critical. Change under different altitude, the ability of vacuum pump is not the same.

pasture at present commonly used vacuum pump mainly has two kinds: rotary vane vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump. Today we will introduce.

rotary vane vacuum pump

categories: belt transmission and coupling transmission;

advantages: cheap, simple installation;

disadvantages: large noise, lubricating oil cost more, limited by extraction ability;

applicable pastures: small and medium-sized farms;

how to maintain?

every time before and after milking check

a. Open the vacuum pump before milking, check whether the vacuum pump inlet is normal;

b。 Checked during milking vacuum pump oil is normal, whether to have the milk into the vacuum pump, if have, find out the reason and immediately clean vacuum pump.

at least twice yearly check

a. Check the belt elasticity, can press belt down 15 mm as normal, such as the need to change, the two replacement at the same time; b。 Check whether the vacuum pump and motor is aligned;

c。 Check whether the vacuum pump tubing is weather-shack, if need to be replaced;

d。 Check whether there is a vacuum water pump oil leak;

e。 Check vacuum pump unit if screw fastening, loose fastening at once.

projects to meet the need of using time

a. For every 1000 hours test run 50 kPa swept volume, vacuum check vacuum pump exhaust back pressure, when 50 kPa, exhaust back pressure is not more than 5 kPa.

b。 For every 8000 hours or use 2 years running need to use gasoline to clean the rotor, pump chamber, replacement of rotary vane, oil seal, bearing and vacuum pump seal.

c。 For vacuum pump shaft coupling transmission, each running 1000 hours inspection coupling the axial displacement - no more than 2 Replace the coupling 5 mm, each running 16000 hours, need to use gasoline to clean the rotor, pump chamber, replacement of rotary vane, oil seal, bearing and vacuum pump seal.

suction vacuum pump common failure analysis ability

a. Have to zap the use of vacuum pump oil of different grades and original, due to different brand within the oil saturation vapor pressure is different, so the results in a rotary vane in the vacuum pump, pump cavity wear, vacuum pump suction capacity decline. Should be according to the product's type and specification change correct new vacuum pump oil.

b。 Vacuum pump room ventilation is not good, small pump room, doors and Windows closed more strict, lead to vacuum pump through high temperature. Through improving vacuum pump room ventilation conditions.

c。 Inside the vacuum pump oil impassability or impeded, pump cavity didn't keep a certain amount of oil. Ensure the oil flow in the pump shall be checked.

d。 Is pumped gas containing dust, vacuum pump long-running caused between the vane and the rotor and the pump after the lining abrasion of enlarged gap left left left left. Need to change the new parts.

e。 Vacuum pump leakage, pump cover seal or leak at the end cover. Need to check whether the end cover of vacuum pump oil seal is damaged, the uneven force or too tight, when the end cover screw end cover surface is uneven.

the noise of the vacuum pump

need to check whether the muffler is blocked, and tighten all the screws, check whether the vacuum pump rotor in the body cavity and rotary vane is running smoothly.

vacuum pump start-up difficulties or not turn

a. If motor power supply or lack of phase;

b。 Can you turn the vacuum pump pulley with the hand, turneth motionless, explain rotary vane stuck, oil may be dirty or into the milk in the pump or dirt.

c。 Need to unpick and wash pump, to pump is opened entirely, clean with gasoline, the rotary vane and rotor slot when assembling all the new vacuum pump oil daub, then rotary vane in the rotor gap, very well on the end cover screw, need to turn the vacuum pump pulley, and tighten the screws. Other information

a. Don't run or stop for a long time, make the vacuum pump cavity filled with vacuum pump oil, lead to rotary vane was stuck, hand pull (pulley rotation for weeks, then starting.

b。 room temperature is lower than the minimum temperature, vacuum pump oil to increase the temperature of pump room, reoccupy hand pull (pulley rotation for several weeks, you can start.

c。 Just opened in new pump exhaust smoke is a normal phenomenon, if appear this phenomenon has been used for a period of time of the pump, should check whether the vacuum pump oil is spoiled or whether the pump into the milk, then need to dismantle the pump to check.

d。 If a vacuum pump exhaust injection, first of all determine whether oil adjust too, second check the air inlet of the vacuum pump leaks. Can be sealed vacuum pump inlet, check whether the oil spill, if you don't leak is caused by large amount of feed.

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