Paper making water ring vacuum pump _ common faults and solutions

by:J&T     2020-05-16

single stage water ring vacuum water pump is usually used in paper mill, in order to provide a comprehensive range of vacuum. Modern paper machine using vacuum assisted paper dehydration, so vacuum system is an important part of the paper machine.

with the development of the acidic to neutral papermaking papermaking papermaking water ring vacuum pump scale become each papermaking enterprises often encounter problems. In both south and north, it is not immediately generated, but 'process. Scale of production, and its effect on paper machine is gradually revealed, therefore, cannot treat STH lightly, right from the start to consistently to prevent scale control, which will have long-term interests.

( 1) Causes of fouling in water ring vacuum pump:

1. Water quality: high ph and high hardness.

2。 Paper whitening degree increase, water insolubles content is high, and the scale ion accumulation.

3。 A lot of padding.

4。 Higher temperature, water temperature, cooling system using inadequate.

5 water circulation system is not regular cleaning and maintenance, this paper will increase the possibility of water ring vacuum pump scaling.

( 2) The negative impact of the water ring vacuum water pump for papermaking

1. Severe lower vacuum and swept volume.

2。 Motor current rise, leading to increased power consumption.

3。 Often cause sticking, vacuum water pump, it is hard to start paper machine stop and vacuum pump can't stop.

4。 Frequent pickling or manually remove will not only damage the equipment, will also destroy the precision of the equipment, lead to form a vacuum or reduce the degree of vacuum.

( 3) Water ring vacuum pump solution

for a long time, the traditional cleaning methods ( Such as mechanical method ( Scratches, brush your teeth) , high pressure water, chemical cleaning, Pickling) Etc. ) Will be confronted with many problems in cleaning equipment: can't completely remove fouling, such as scale, acid corrosion can lead to equipment corrosion. Acid residue may cause a secondary corrosion and scale corrosion of the materials, which could lead to equipment replacement. In addition, the cleaning liquid is toxic, and need a large amount of money used in waste water treatment.

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