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by:J&T     2020-03-29
Pit work partly submerged in a liquid pump, shaft seal, no leakage. According to the length of the container length L, it can be divided into the middle of the guide bearing structure and no middle guide bearing structure. The utility model cover an area of an area small, the use of reliable, easy maintenance, strong corrosion resistance. It is used to transport corrosive medium not containing solid particles and not easy to crystallization liquid. The temperature is - to transport medium 20°C - 150°C。 Special needs can be - 50°C - 150°C。 Widely used in chemical, petroleum and other industrial sectors. 2、财政年度, J focal oil water pump: the use of special sliding bearing, completely solve the frequent focal oil pump is difficult to drive, even locking phenomenon. Improvement of submersible pump sliding bearing significantly reduces the equipment failure rate and save a lot of maintenance costs. 3、财政年度, B heat water pump: special structure, supporting steam heat preservation device, effectively solve the crystallizing material pump, bearing is easy to break the seal is easy to wear. 4. YS sulfur submersible pump: shaft structure safety and reliability. Sliding bearing use external lubrication or self lubricating. When the pump starts, the impeller has been immersed in the medium, so it is easy to start and there is no exhaust water pump. Bear small radial force of rotor, small deflection of shaft, sliding bearing little wear and long life. It is particularly suited to need insulation medium, such as liquid sulphur. Is mainly used in chemical, petroleum, oil refining, steel, electricity and other industries. The previous: FYX under high purity aluminum liquid pump next article: long shaft submerged pump main characteristics
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