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by:J&T     2020-04-23
N type condensate pump overview: N type condensate pump is conveying water, a series of products. N type pump is applicable to transport the condensate temperature below 120 ℃ or physical pumps, condensate pumps, chemical properties of similar liquid water. N type condensate pump parameters: flow Q: 10 - 100 m3 / h head h: 12 - 141 m N type condensate pump model significance: 3 n6x2 3 - — Of the pump inlet diameter of 3 inches of N - — Horizontal cantilever condensate pump 6 - — After 10 head design points in addition to the integer 2 - — series for a level 2: improve the four methods of slurry water pump energy saving next up: the difference between the fresh water water pump and centrifugal pump
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