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by:J&T     2020-04-06

Magnetic vortex water pump ( Referred to as magnetic pump) Is the application of the working principle of magnetic couplings in centrifugal pump of a new product. It has a reasonable design, advanced technology, complete seal, without leakage, low flow, high lift, corrosion resistance, etc. Its performance reach the advanced level of similar foreign products. Product features continuous magnetic driven vortex pump with static seal instead of dynamic seal, the overflow of pump parts in a completely sealed state, completely solved the other pump mechanical seal of the inevitable run, danger and drop of water. Magnetic pump corrosion resistant, alumina ceramic, stainless steel and other materials, has good corrosion resistance, can protect the medium from pollution. Products using the utility model has compact structure, beautiful shape, small volume, low noise, reliable running, convenient operation and maintenance. Can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and other industries, high reliability, convenient in operation and maintenance. Can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, acid, alkali, oil, rare liquid, venom, volatile liquid, and circulating water equipment, filter, etc. Especially easy to leak, inflammable, explosive. The previous: vertical pipe pump next article: stainless steel magnetic pump overview
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