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by:J&T     2020-03-28
Magnetic vortex water pump ( Hereinafter referred to as magnetic vortex pump) Is the application of the working principle of magnetic couplings in centrifugal pump of a new product. It has a reasonable design, advanced technology, complete seal, without leakage, low flow, high lift, corrosion resistance, etc. Its performance reach the advanced level of similar foreign products. With static seal instead of dynamic seal magnetic pump, overflow part of pump in a completely sealed state, completely solved the other pump mechanical seal of the inevitable run, danger and drop of water. Magnetic water pump corrosion resistance, high strength engineering plastic, alumina ceramic, stainless steel and other materials, has good corrosion resistance, can protect the medium from pollution. Product features 1. 。 High lift. Small flow rate. Than revolutions usually less than 40 second. Simple structure. Small size. Or 3. Automatic lubrication circuit. Using the CWB magnetic radial force 4 to reduce vortex pump. The cantilever blades. Reduce the radial force of impeller 5. With the increase of medium viscosity, sharp decline in the efficiency of the pump, less than 5 x 10 - dielectric degrees 6立方米/秒。 In an article: the difference between the fresh water pump and centrifugal pump: next article summary of fluorine plastic magnetic pump
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