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by:J&T     2020-04-21
Health food grade screw pump products characteristics of single screw pump is a new water pump work according to the principle of rotating mesh size. Transmission can be directly through the coupling drive, but can be by motor at low speed v belt transmission, gearbox, stepless transmission methods such as direct drive. Velocity of 0. 8 m ~ 3 h, the pressure of 0. 4 to 1. 2MPa。 Products using environmental protection industrial wastewater, sewage and muddy water containing solid particles and short fiber transmission, especially used in oil-water separator. Filter press equipment. Industry: round bottom cleaning, oil and water, oil, grease and other ring. Petroleum industry: transfer of crude oil, crude oil and water mixture, a mixture of gas and water, to the injection of polymer in formation, etc. Medicine, daily chemicals, various viscous slurry, emulsion, cream products. Canned food industry: all kinds of starch adhesive, concentrated vinasse, food scraps, all kinds of sauce, pulp, solid slurry. Construction: cement mortar, lime, paint, slurry spraying mining: solid particles, groundwater chemical industry, mine wastewater: all kinds of suspending liquid, oil, all kinds of colloid paste, all kinds of adhesive. Ink printing, paper making, high viscosity polymer, wallpaper, PVC plastic paste and various kinds of pulp concentration, short fibre pulp industrial boiler and power plants, coal water slurry transportation in an article: sludge screw water pump under the principle of an article: corrosion resistant plywood water pump
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