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by:J&T     2020-05-01
CZ chemical pump overview of CZ series standard chemical pump is horizontal, single-stage, single-suction centrifugal pump. Their size and performance meet DIN24256 / ISO2858. Transportation low or high temperature liquid; Neutral or corrosive liquid. Clean liquid or liquid containing solid particles. Especially suitable for: chemical and petrochemical industries; Oil refineries. Paper and pulp industries; The food industry. Effect on the shaft seal pressure by the blade or the balancing hole on the impeller. Shaft seal can use soft seal ( Can be cooling or cooling) Seal, or you can use all sorts of structure of single side and unbalanced double-end mechanical seal. Ball bearings are durable, trunnion enough, smooth operation. Some the size of the design for double screw pump body shell in order to balance the radial force. Bearing frame, including shaft, impeller, stuffing box, etc. , to form a composite components, made during the period of maintenance will not pump body removed from the line ( If you use the extension of coupling, the motor will not have to be deleted) 。 Flange design, use PN16, PN25 ( Depends on the different material) 。 CZ series standard chemical water pump medium inorganic and organic acid such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid under various temperature and concentration. Alkaline solution, such as sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate, under various temperature and concentration. All kinds of salt solution. All kinds of liquid petroleum products, organic compounds and other corrosive materials and products. At present, our company the corrosion resistance of material can meet the requirements of the various media. When ordering, please provide detailed information to delivery of the medium. A: supply in addition to salt water pump: next article summary of fluorine plastic chemical pump
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