Operation method of centrifugal pump is introduced and troubleshooting methods

by:J&T     2020-06-28
Daily use of centrifugal pump the right operation method can be very good to avoid damage of centrifugal pump and increase service life of the centrifugal pump here are centrifugal pump start-up, maintenance and fault analysis solution; A, 1 start before inspection and start running. Before the start of the pump and motor, pump, motor and the base whether the bolt is complete, the full deduction. Whether the pressure gauge pointer back to zero. Check the oil lines is in accordance with the regulations. 2. Open the centrifugal water pump in and out of the valve, pump and valve static seal should be no leakage, dynamic seal should be no obvious dripping ( Packing seal leakage 20 drops/min) 。 3. Start the motor after check the direction of rotation of the pump to the pump inlet clockwise direction ( Only after take out stitches die erste installation and maintenance of commissioning) 。 If motor is there a different sound, fever. Gauge pressure rise is normal, such as too high or pressure should immediately open the check valve in the pipeline. Whether there is noise in the operation, the noise is higher. 4. Observation under load conditions are static and dynamic seal leakage within the prescribed scope ( 60 drops/min) 。 After normal operation, adjust the in and out of the pipeline valve in order to achieve the required head and flow rate. Second, the parking maintenance 1. When parking to cut off the power supply first, close the pump in and out of the valve. Check pressure gauge pointer back to zero. 2. Check the oil level, oil bearing, maintenance should run a week after an oil change, lubricating oil should be replaced after every season. 3. Check the bearing temperature is stable, and within the prescribed scope. Leakage is normal packing, adjust the tightness of the packing gland. 4. Often observe whether the instrument work normally. Noise and vibration during operation is normal. Whether each part of the bolt is loose. 5. Often pay attention to the suction tank water level change, observe whether water inlet is blocked, avoid pumping water containing too much sediment. 6. After winter parking, pay attention to maintenance and antifreeze. Three, common faults and processing methods
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