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by:J&T     2020-04-25
The utility model is suitable for the solid particles, no fiber, no corrosive, high temperature liquid transportation. Medium temperature is 250 ℃, the viscosity of 5 to 1500 CST. When the gear rotates, the melt into the two gear slot in the suction chamber, heat water pump with gear rotation, the side of the melt from into the discharge chamber, gear meshing again, make the melt extrusion from the cavity inside the tank and pressure on the outlet pipe. As long as the pump shaft rotation, gear melt pressure to the export side. How to maintain the heat pump: ( 1) The destruction of the heat pump, cooling, start-stop, cleaning and ascension, should be in strict accordance with the provisions of the operation, so as not to cause undue losses. ( 2) Pay attention to maintain the stability of booster water pump population pressure, has the stable volumetric efficiency, benefit the operation of the pump itself and the stability of the downstream spinning quality. ( 3) Under negative pressure, the negative pressure filling pump shaft seal packing function in the outside pressure should be higher than the atmospheric pressure. When the back pressure to reduce, should timely adjust the filling pressure, suction air pump, the cause of roll casting zone fracture, influence granulation, granulator discharge. ( 4) Should regularly check the temperature of the heat medium jacket, main body of the heat medium temperature should be consistent with the temperature of the front and back cover. ( 5) Every time to increase output, should be recorded output, speed, export, inlet pressure and the current value, and to increase the data before and after comparison and analysis carefully, in order to detect anomalies and processed in a timely manner. Under the description of the previous: stainless steel chemical pump: a: stainless steel self-priming pump is introduced
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