Oil pump suction not oiling, flow is insufficient to do, how to solve?

by:J&T     2020-06-18
In chemical oil transportation, chemical pump is a common pump, transmission oil types, temperature, concentration, using type pump is different also, commonly used oil transfer pump with stainless steel pump, vane pump, gear pump, vane water pump is a blade rotor slot and the pump shell ( The stator loop) Contact, inhalation of liquid from the suction side pressure to the side of the discharge of oil water pump, hydraulic system is the important power components. Vane pump work frequently insufficient flow, without oil absorption, the reasons of these problems and corresponding solutions to what? A, insufficient oil absorption 1, the oil viscosity is too large, the sliding vane in the rotor slot is not flexible. The solution: general use 20 # hydraulic oil or 22 # turbine oil. 2, motor turned inside out. The solution: correct direction. 3, the pump body inside have sand holes, high and low pressure cavity collusion. The solution: replacement. 4, the tank oil level is too low. Solution: add oil to oil lines above. 5, inlet filter blockage or flow rate is too small. The solution: cleaning filter or choose flow for pump flow more than 2 times of the filter. 6, oil distribution plate between housing and end in poor contact screen, high and low pressure chamber collusion. Solution: repair oil distribution plate of end face. 2 speed did not reach the rated speed, flow less than 1, the solution: according to the instructions specified rated speed motor speed. 2, suction pipe leakage. Solution: use the method of butter, checking each suction tubing joint, if the noise reduction should be fastened joints. Or directly observed by oil mouth whether any air bubbles. 3, jobs with oil pump, vibration water pump head screw loosening, the axial clearance increases, volumetric efficiency decline. Solution: tighten screw, ensure uniform, appropriate clearance. 4, the stator inner surface abrasion, blade can't contact with the stator inner surface is good. Solution: the stator inner surface wear generally in the oil suction cavity, replace worn stator. 5, vane and rotor installed backwards. The solution: make the direction and the rotation of the rotor blade Angle in the same direction. 6, valve plate end badly worn. The solution: replacement. 7, large hydraulic system leak. Solution: components leak check them one by one, at the same time, check pressure gauge were choked up with dirt. 8, individual blade sliding is not flexible. The solution: cleaning blade, after cleaning is not flexible, should be the single slot allocation.
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